1-on-1Foundations-  This program serves as our introduction to CrossFit.  In the Foundations program new clients will complete four 1-on-1 sessions with one of our certified coaches.  These sessions will expose new clients to the basic movements and workout structures found in our CrossFit classes.  Our goal for new members is to familiarize you with the movements, teach you how to do them properly, and help you develop the appropriate strategy for scaling or modifying movements based on your personal abilities.  All before you step into the setting of group training in our CrossFit classes.



CF Class 2CrossFit-  The daily CrossFit classes make up the majority of what we do here at CFJ.  These classes consist of a Warm-Up, a Strength/Skill workout (S-WOD), typically followed by a conditioning workout (D-WOD), and then finished up with some mobility work to help promote the recovery process.  We have found this format to be the most effective way to increase people’s fitness level in a broad and inclusive manner.  Classes run on a 1 hour time table.  Our coaches can help scale and modify the movements in these classes to meet any fitness level.  These classes are where our members experience the power of our community first hand.  Our members support each other, motivate each other, and hold each other accountable on a daily basis; and we are all better in every aspect of our lives as a result of this community.


imagesCALQZDPEOlympic Weightlifting-  Practicing the Olympic lifts has been proven to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to improve performance as a CrossFitter or any other sport or athletic performance.  We offer a Level 1 class that focuses on learning the correct positions, tempo, and speed of the lifts.  Our Level 2 class builds off of the basics learned in the Level 1 class, and challenges the athlete’s ability to maintain position, tempo, and speed while under load.


74924_481769521915516_557315345_nCompetition Team-  We offer daily up-scale options in or CrossFit classes for those athletes interested in training for the competitive sport of CrossFit.  We also offer a specialized program for approved athletes that changes training cycles and periodization based on the CrossFit Games season.  We also offer specialized supplementary training to help individuals with their competitive goals, be it a 5K, a marathon, or a backpack trip.


CF KidsCrossFit Kids-  We offer CF Kids classes for kids from 5 to 12 years old.  The focus of these classes is to teach the kids how to move properly in the most common movement patterns seen in an active lifestyle as well as in sports.  Movements like squatting, picking something up off the ground, lifting something overhead, running,  and jumping.  Through our CF Kids program our young athletes develop strength, posture, coordination, body awareness, speed, and agility.  Not to mention they get practice on listening, following directions, and waiting their turn.  Our goal is to create a very fun experience that will benefit our young athletes regardless of their current or future sports and activities.



hj smallestHero Junction – Hero Junction is a non-profit organization we started in order to use CrossFit as a vehicle to mentor at-risk youth in our community, and is a registered affiliate of the Steve’s Club National Program.  To date we have worked with kids from The House (the local homeless shelter for teens), Hilltop, and we are now part of the youth alternative sentencing program with the county courts.  For more information on the program check out the Hero Junction Facebook Page, or the web site.

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