CrossFit Junction currently occupies 4 units in our industrial complex, which gives us 6000 square feet of space for training.  There is a parking lot in front of the building and an alley in back, which lends itself nicely to running courses and training outside when the weather is nice.  We have ceilings high enough to accommodate rope climbs and gymnastics rings.  We have an ample supply of the standard CrossFit equipment; bars, bumper plates, iron plates, medicine balls, kettle bells, jump ropes, plyo boxes, assault bikes, and rowing machines.


In addition CFJ has a great variety of “alternative” strength & conditioning equipment.  A full set of Atlas Stones ranging from 50 to 185 lbs, a fully adjustable Rogue Yoke,  2 Prowler Sled, 5 pulling sleds, sand bags, portable squat stands, and Jerk/Pulling boxes for Olympic lifting.


We have 4 bathrooms, a shower, an office & seating area, a large kids room, and a 1200 square foot auxiliary room which will  allow us to offer two classes at a time.

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