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Thursday – November 19, 2015

Good Luck Cooper!!!



Can you believe this young man is a few short weeks away from graduating college and moving onto the real world?  As most of us know Cooper’s plan has always been to finish school and then move back home to Wyoming to open his own gym and share his passion for helping others change their lives and accomplish their goals through CrossFit.

Now the time has come for Cooper to make the transition from part time coach at CFJ to full time Owner & Head Coach of Iron Cowboy CrossFit (check out the gym on Facebook and Instagram).  Over the past few years we have seen Cooper grow and mature as an athlete, coach, and person.  We are happy that the CFJ family got to be part of Cooper’s journey, and we are proud of the person & coach that he has become.  While we wish him good luck and success on his new adventure, we will miss having him on the coaching staff here at CFJ.

Today is officially Cooper’s last day coaching classes at CFJ, although you might still see him around the gym over the next few weeks.  If you have a chance, get to the gym for one of Cooper’s classes today and be sure to wish him luck in his next venture.

Wednesday – September 23, 2015

We are only a few days away from our Conquering Heroes fundraiser event.  The gym will open at 10:00am and heats of the workout will start at 11:00am.  Plan on sticking around after the workout and checking out the silent auction items we have this year.  We got some great items donated from local businesses for this year’s auction.

Something new this year is a Door Prize drawing.  Every person that shows up will get 1 ticket entered into our door prize drawing for some Hylete gift cards.  You will have the option to buy additional tickets for the drawing to increase your chances of winning.  If you have not done so already please follow the instructions below and create a Powered By Hylete account.  It will get you access to special preferred pricing so that if you win a gift card you will be able to get way more bang for your buck!!


1) Visit to create your account
2) Select CrossFit Junction as your referred by
3) Log into to receive your exclusive pricing

As you look around on Saturday take note of the local businesses, people, and organizations that participated in, donated to, and supported our event; and make an effort to go out and support them in return.  Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday for a fun event that supports a great cause.

Wednesday – September 9, 2015

We have a few announcements and reminders to go over today.  The first few have to do with the facility and equipment, then a few more about upcoming events.

Treat your facility with respect.  We have had quite a few cases of mistreating the facility in the past few weeks.  Mostly small stuff, but as we all know small stuff can add up quick.  So here are a few reminders:

  • Please do not track mud into the gym.  Change your shoes at the front door and leave your muddy shoes outside.  If you don’t have clean shoes then workout barefoot or in your socks.  As we head into the fall and winter we all need to make an extra effort to keep the mud out of the gym.
  • If you do extra work, make sure the equipment you use gets put away.  Nothing makes us more upset than coming in to coach a 6:00am class and finding a stack of bumper plates that someone used on the prowler sled was left outside in the alley all night.  This equipment is expensive and we’d hate to see it walk away.
  • PLEASE DO NOT TIE KNOTS IN THE CLIMBING ROPES!!!  These are not swings for kids to play on.  Again, it is very upsetting to come into the gym and have to spend 15 minutes undoing knots from the climbing ropes at 5:45am.
  • If you missed the post last week about the guidelines for bars, bumper plates and bands then read it here.  Please be responsible for following these guidelines when you are in the gym.


There are some great event coming up, some as soon as this weekend!  Be sure you check out the Events page of the website on a regular basis, as we are constantly updating it with additional information on competitions, events, certifications, and seminars that we think you guys might be interested in.

CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course – Montrose, CO – 9/12/15-9/13/15:  Spend two full days with the CrossFit Endurance staff learning, studying and applying the principles of CrossFit Endurance. This course provides an introduction to CrossFit Endurance and other factors that impact performance. In addition to the material covered at the Athlete Course, attendees learn about CrossFit Endurance training, programming, nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention and care. By and large, the endurance community is prone to overtraining, and this seminar is an indispensable tool for learning how to effectively train others.  For more info or to register check out the website


Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival – Estes Park, CO – 9/10/15-9/13/15:  Come out and test your coordination, balance, agility, power, and strength in the nine events of the Highland Games.  Or just come watch and enjoy a day in an awesome setting, cheering on the CFJ athletes competing.  For more info or to register to compete  visit


Conquering Heroes – Community Fundraising Event – Saturday 09/26/15:  Our annual community WOD and fundraiser for the kids of Hero Junction (CFJ’s non-profit affiliate of the Steve’s Club National Program).  Come out and get a great workout in, meet some of the kids that benefit from this program, and help us raise some money to continue to provide this program free of charge to the kids who need it most.  There will be food vendors, a silent auction, and a raffle with some great prizes.  Check out the Conquering Heroes Event Page on Facebook, and be sure to “like” the Hero Junction Page on facebook to stay up to date on the happenings of the program.



CMU Team Fitness Challenge – Saturday 10/24/15:  We are teaming up with CMU Strength & Conditioning and Defiance Strength & Conditioning to host a CrossFit style competition right here in Grand Junction.  This event will be for teams of two competing in one of three divisions (men’s, women’s, and co-ed). This event will utilize all the amazing facilities at CMU; turf athletic fields, indoor pool, and weight room.  You can register  Not able to compete but still want to be involved?  Get with Amber, Matt, or Cody about volunteering and/or judging.



Thursday – September 3, 2015


Over the past few months we have worn out several of our bumper plates.  Some have been around for several years, but others have been a little abused and mistreated and as a result they have worn out much faster than they should have.  The same could be said about our collection of bands that we use for assisted pull ups, mobility, accommodating resistance, and other things.  This has not gone unnoticed by us, and we have been saving up some money over the past few months in order to purchase some new equipment to replace what has been wearing out.  Also, we have the Hero Junction annual fundraiser coming up at the end of the month, and a good portion of money raised there is going to go towards equipment because it benefits the kids in the program as much as everyone else in the gym.  But before the next round of investing in equipment begins we need to clear up a few guidelines on how these pieces of equipment should be used and treated to make sure they do not wear out prematurely.

Do Not Drop A Bar With Less Than 25#’s of Bumper Plates Per Side:

We do not want people dropping a bar with a single 10# or 15# bumper plate on each side.  The only exception to this being if you have to ditch a bar mid lift for safety reasons.  If you want to be able to drop a bar at will, then it needs at least 25#’s of bumper plates per side.  It is ok to use a lighter bar to accomplish this.  For example using a 25# bar and 25# bumpers to achieve a load of 75#’s.

Don’t Drop Empty Bars On The Floor:

I know you see all the cool European lifter on the IronMind training hall videos dropping their empty barbells right onto the platform after doing some warm-up exercises, but you’re not those guys and their gym, coach, federation or competition host isn’t paying for the bar you’re dropping. Bars are meant to be dropped on the floor when loaded with bumper plates—dropping an empty bar directly onto a platform is unnecessary stress on an expensive piece of equipment that already has to survive a great deal of stress day to day.

Don’t Put More Than 15# of Change On The Outside Of A Bar:

If you have more than 15#’s of metal plates on one side of a barbell outside the bumper plates, you need to put another or a heavier bumper plate on instead. This is especially true when there is only a single bumper plate on each side, and even more especially when that single bumper plate is a light one, like a 25# plate. Dropping a bar loaded this way puts undue stress on the bumper plate: first, it’s absorbing more force than it’s meant to, but more importantly, it likely will not land perfectly evenly between the two sides, which means the bumpers are hitting at an angle and being torqued sideways by the additional weight. This can cause plates to crack and/or bend, and the hubs to deform so they don’t fit onto the barbell as well. Suck it up and throw the right bumpers on the bar (and don’t load heavier plates outside lighter plates in most cases).

Don’t Mix Bumper Plates:

Use matching bumper plates on each side of the bar. Different brands and models (and even the same model manufactured in different time periods) can be different widths, different diameters, and different durometers (hardness). This means that when dropped, the two sides of the bar bounce differently and different points of the bar receive the impact, and the bumper plates are torqued sideways. This can mean anything from a dangerously unpredictable bounce of the bar into you or a neighboring lifter, to damage to the barbell and the bumpers from hitting at odd angles.

Control Your Bar When You Drop It:

After a lift, return the bar under control to the platform. This doesn’t mean you can’t drop it—it means keep your hands connected to it until it’s fairly close to the floor, and pay attention to it until it’s done moving. Don’t be the moron who lets go of the bar from overhead and walks away, letting it bounce across the platform into another lifter, off of something back into your own legs, or into other equipment. This is just common sense.

Don’t Drop Bars into Vertical Racks:

We store barbells in vertical storage racks, please slide them in gently. Don’t stick the end of the bar into the top of the hole and then drop it—slamming a bar on its end damages the snap rings, the bearings, and the end cap. How hard is it to hold onto the bar and lower it under your control until it’s all the way down into the rack? I promise it’s a lot easier than whatever you were doing with the barbell before, so don’t make excuses.

Don’t Use Bands For Entertaining Your Kids:

The “pull up” bands and the “crossover” bands are very useful versatile pieces of equipment.  But they are just that, pieces of equipment to be used by our members as part of their training.  They are not toys for the kids to use for entertainment.  When multiple kids use them as sling shots, swings, and jumpers day after day they wear out much faster than if they were only being used in class as a piece of equipment.

Coach Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics summed it up nicely in an article he wrote about being a good gym member:  Every single time you do something in the gym, you’re a model for other members. Set a good example and help others follow it. Be a contributor, not a drain; be safe and respectful and courteous. Take a moment and think about what your actions tell everyone around you, and if you like your gym and respect its owners, staff and members, prove it with the way you treat the facility.