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Workout of the Day

Monday, December 3, 2012

10min Coach Choice

“CrossFit Total”
Back Squat 1-1-1
Shoulder Press 1-1-1
Deadlift 1-1-1

*Must perform lifts in order listed in 1 training session. You will warm up each lift before your 3 attempts.  Once you declare lift #1, the next two lifts (pass or fail) will be your official attempts. Plan wisely. Your goal is to lift the highest poundage possible for each individual lift. Heaviest successful lifts will be added together to equal your CrossFit Total. All official attempts must be witnessed. Back squats and Shoulder Press are returned to the rack and Deadlifts CANNOT be dropped. Control those bad boys to the ground.
Single Leg Flexion (2 min each)
Photo: Kicking off the 2012 Goblin!
Congrats to all participants of The 2012 Goblin.  What a FUN event!!
Hold on to your seats….. are you ready for the next two weeks at CFJ?  It is testing time!  The daily workouts for the next two weeks will be filled with CrossFit benchmark workouts that you will love to hate or hate to love. All we ask is that you bring 100% if yourself to the gym each day. Find your absolute best each day.  We will check back in 12 weeks.  How much faster/stronger/fitter can ya’ get?
All classes this WEDNESDAY, DEC. 5 will be at the Stocker Stadium track. This INCLUDES CrossFit Kids class, so dress those kiddos appropriately!
If you pre-ordered a hoodie…. they’re here!

Friday, November 30, 2012


Warm Up #5

5/75%, 3/85%, 1+/95%

3 Rounds (NFT)-
7 Muscle-Ups
10 Strict Weighted GH Raise
20 UB KB Snatch Rt
20 UB KB Snatch Lt
**Goal is to link as many MU’s as possible. If you can link more than 7, then wear a weight vest. Rest 30 seconds between each movement.

Sink Mob
Post Chain Smash-n- Floss

Looking for a sweet CHRISTMAS gift for your favorite CrossFitter? Check out the store. If you see something you like, see Coach Angelo, he can score you 15% off plus free shipping.

DODGEBALL – CFJ is an official collection point for Toys-for-Tots this year, and we are in a contest with CF WestCo to see which gym can collect the most toys.  The toy drive will be capped off with a Dodgeball Tourney on December 14th.  More info on the dodgeball will be coming out next week, but for now just mark your calendars.

So….. bring in a few NEW and UNWRAPPED toys to the box at the gym, and make sure you spread the word to as many people as you can.  We want to help make a Merry Christmas for as many needy kids as possible, and we also want to beat CF WestCo!!

If you need somewhere for your kiddos to hang out while you Christmas shop, bring them by from 1-4pm on Saturday, December 15. Coach Nick (CrossFit Kids) will be on the scene to provide a fun, safe, active environment for them.  The cost will be one toy donation per kid for Toys for Tots (new & unwrapped).

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Zilla up top.

10min Coach Choice

Weighted Plank 3x1min
Seated Plate Twist 3x1min
*Use same weight for both. Rest 30 seconds between movements.

EMOTM for 20 min-
1 Hang Squat Snatch (Pos-2)
*Increase load every 4 reps. Score is average weight

Paleo Squat Test (8 min)

ATTENTION: Next Wednesday, 12/5, all classes will be held at Stocker Stadium.

What are you and 3 of your friends/family members doing THIS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2nd?

Yep, The Goblin.

Registration: 11am-1pm @ Bicycle Outfitters

Hosted By CF WestCo and CF RED -Participating local CF Boxes: CF WestCo, CF Red, CF Junction, Pura Vida CF.

OTHER WOD HUBS: DOC Neese, STONE, Connected Lakes

$$$$–All Proceeds go to the Liam Foy Foundation–$$$$

This is a Fund raising event consisting of a 18 Mile Mountain Bike Ride, both trail and road, littered with 9 crossfit challenges through out. **Modified course is only 8 miles with 6 challenges**

Each challenge must be done with families/teams of 4. Each workout is capped at 2 minutes- anyone can do this!

The mission: Raise $$ for Liam…and Finish!

Registration fee : TEN $1 bills


Goblin Rules:

Each Competitor Must Have:

-Registration fee of 10 $1 bills at least to receive score at each hub.

-mountain Bike

-A team of 4

-Scorecard (given at registration)

-Warm, Breathable Clothing

-Charged cellphone


-Emergency bike/ med gear

Each Family/Team Must Have:

-4 Competitors each with mountain bikes (discounted rentals at Bicycle outfitters)

-Family/ Team Name

-A will to finish!

START/STOP Each Team will begin at Starting line (Bicycle Outfitters) with the prescribed 2 minute WOD. We will start each team on 5 minute intervals. Finish line is CF WestCo, upon which teams can choose to finish with one of the three goblin TESTS explained at the beginning of the event. Upon finish of the GOBLIN Test, the clock stops for your teams time. Then scores are tallied.

Fund raising and Scoring

After each 2 minute WOD, the Team will receive a score from the assigned judge and then will then give the judge one dollar (each teammate) for their recorded score. All WOD hubs will be encouraged to raise more funds though friends, neighbors and who ever else they can pull together for help. Remember 100% of proceeds go to Liam!

REPS/POINTS FROM EACH WOD will result in seconds taken off your total.

-Each Competitor from your family/ team must complete the wod and receive their final scores from the judges before moving on to the next WOD HUB.

-You must complete all 9 WOD hubs and bring back recorded scores to officially finish unmodified.

**If you forfeit a wod, skip a course or bail out of completing the full loop, all we ask for is your honest story!


There is a course map at the gym.