Free Saturday Workout

Come join us at 9am for a free workout.  This workout will be open to current members as well as anyone interested in checking us out.  You can participate or just hang and watch from the sidelines.

5 thoughts on “Free Saturday Workout”

  1. Saturday was a great time; I enjoyed spending it with everyone. Thanks to all of the gym members for the help and encouragement you’ve provided.

  2. You are all such a wonderful group of people and I’ve been very forunate to be a part of the Cross Fit junction experience.

  3. Everyone please take a minute to to look in the “Upcoming Events” tab and find the “Run For Our Sons” event on October 18th. We are trying to mobolize a team to enter this race to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy. My son was diagnosed this year with the condition and as a family we are trying to stay involved in efforts to support research for a cure. Parent Project is an organization who specifically raises funds for research and would be the beneficiary of any fundraising we could accomplish. Besides, it would be a great excuse to go have some fun in Denver for a weekend. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. I did enjoy the Sat. W.O.D as well. I had a friend in town & he had a great expierence. please come down on Sat. & check it out!!

    Chad, lets talk about that competion Oct. 18th…. would love to support the cause.

  5. Saturday’s WOD was super fun- we are planning on having a WOD every Saturday morning unless we are doing something fun out of town……. like the Uncompaghre Team Fitness Challenge in Montrose……

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