Friday, August 10, 2012


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Rest day.
Use today to make up a workout that you’ve missed from the previous 3-day cycle or work on a skill/weakness.

We hope you all are enjoying our regularly scheduled mobility – on that note….. here is an excerpt from our PT guru, Kelly Starrett (thanks to Coach Amber for providing this!).

How Much ROM (Range of Motion) Do You Need, Really?

The question is, how much range of motion should you have?  Well it turns out this is a pretty simple question to answer.  Can you perform the movements of a normal human being?  You see, range of motion by itself really doesn’t mean anything. Really, I mean it, just ask any of those hyper mobile athletes out there and they will tell you that prioritizing motor-control all the time is a drag (can’t a guy just be a piece of meat once in a while? sheesh.)  Seriously though, you need full range of motion.  Period.  But full range of motion as expressed with quality motor control (read:  can you move full a full range of motion, and generate stability and power there too?)  You’ve been evolving for 2.5 million years.  Normal ankle range of motion for example, pretty much covers ANYTHING that a human being can do.  Weird, huh?  Full dorsiflexion ironically looks very similar to squatting butt to ankles with your feet close together.  And this is the point.  You already KNOW how much range you need.  You have spent your life moving and training like an athlete.  You should be able to hold something against your stomach without compromising your shoulder positioning (this is the high hang position, btw.)  You should be able to keep your back flat and reach down and pick something up at shin height (like a deadlift, weird).  ROM needs context.  ROM needs application. Otherwise, range of motion is just a correlate for the real thing.  You don’t need passive or active range.  You need to be able to speak the language of being a human.  Fortunately for us, that formal language sounds an awful lot like the movements of strength and conditioning (convenient, effective, oh, and also the truth).

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