Friday, August 31, 2012

If you participated in The Whole30 Challenge, please get your FINAL point count to your coach TODAY!!!

Warm-up: Coach specific

The Whole30 Benchmark-
4 rounds for time of:
20 Squats
20 Deadlift (165#/115#)
20 Burpees

How will your performance compare to 30 days ago?

Yuri and Danielle.

So, the Whole30 Challenge has ended. Now what??!!

Your body has adjusted to a new way of eating, but has your mind?? Are you ready for Day 31 and beyond or are you just ready to go to town on foods/drinks you’ve been excluding?

If anything, please take it slow on the reintroduction of dairy/grains/sugar/alcohol/legumes…..etc…. I suggest you try one group at a time. Maybe add dairy back in…. status check? How is your sleep/energy/skin affected? Bloating belly from irritation?

If you’re meal this evening consists of rice and beans in a cheese-topped tortilla, a beer, a margarita and fried oreos topped with ice cream for dessert…. you will most certainly know that you feel like a bag of smashed a$$hole$ from sheer overindulgence, but you most certainly will not know which of these items alone cause irritation to your innards and which are tolerable!! Go slow yo’!!

Tomorrow is September 1st – which means….. First day of CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens!! Boo-yah!! If you have a monkey between 5-12, please join us at 9am. We have regularly scheduled CF class for adults at 10am. If you have an older monkey between 13-17, please join us at 11am.

Regular schedule on Sunday.

One class only at 10am on Monday (Labor Day).

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  1. My little monkeys have been wanting to hang out at the gym and see what Daddy has been doing! Saturuday is the day I get to sit back and watch my little dudes sweat and cry as much as I have been the last month. Can’t wait to see what you have lined up Amy!

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