Friday, February 24, 2012

Rest day…. use today as a rest day if you are following the 3-on, 1-off template. If you’re not following that, you will use today as a day to make up one of the WOD’s from the previous three days or work on a skill or weakness.

DA’ boyz.

If you cannot make it down to CrossFit Red tomorrow (whether to compete or offer always-appreciated, super-loud-cheering crowd support) between 1 and 3pm, please do your awesome burpee workout today or Sunday.

If you caaaan make it to Red tomorrow…. sweeeeet!!! Their address is 832 N. Crest Drive, Unit A. They are out by the airport. Let me know if you need directions.

Arrive anytime after noon to sign up for a heat, they will kick off at 1pm. We’ll probably roll in around 12:30-ish.

Once you complete your Open workouts, you will log into your athlete profile and submit your score. Once it’s submitted, it will be validated and you can see where you stack up in our region. Which is the South West region, by the way.  You can submit as many scores as you wish, you’re not limited to just one entry. So enter, enter away….

P.S. – I am so proud of all of you guys. You rock.

2 thoughts on “Friday, February 24, 2012”

  1. Ummmm… That’s cuz it has been forever!!! We’ll all do an extra burpee just for you. We’re looking forward to seeing you in here again soon!

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