Friday, February 25, 2011

Be sure and introduce yourself to Shanon next time you see him!  Welcome to the family S-Dog.

Happy Friday everyone… we will be holding our usual 9am class tomorrow (open to the public).


Five rounds of:
13′ Rope climb, max reps in 3 minutes

7 thoughts on “Friday, February 25, 2011”

  1. Congrats Bethanie! Now you get to see what all that hard work got you into:) You will be a great Marine!

    As for the workout and comments yesterday….Good job to all! Chad you just needed me to light a fire under your a$$, I have no doubt that you will blow past me! And for the comment yesterday by Thom, you need some nookie from Chad…What?! Thom you are no longer allowed to spot me, ever! Happy Friday!

  2. hahaha :-) good one Mike! Nookie, in the sense of what a baby needs when crying… sorry.. as for spotting you bro.. you LOVE IT!! hahah with regards to the W.O. tonight… Mike! you will need a pacifier. :-)

  3. A 13FT rope climb is 156 inches. At 5’9″ tall (with my hair spiked) or 69 inches I have to climb a total of 87 inches or 7.25FT. My friend Doug the Dinosaur is 6’8″ or 80 inches so he only has to climb 76 inches or 6.33FT. Just sayin’

  4. In 6 more months I’ll be carrying Mike’s gym bag, but that’s ok……at least I have Thom to carry mine! Once you get the feet part down, the rope climb is a piece of cake. Justin got up that thing several times over lunch.

  5. Dang! he has me carrying his gym bag with 12 1/2 up the rope! as well as that is, I managed to ring 32 times tonight.. just saying :-0

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