Friday, October 22, 2010

Reminder:  Saturday workout is at Noon tomorrow, followed by a Paleo potluck at 1pm.  Bring a Paleo-friendly dish to share.

Registration for Warrior Dash 2011 is open.  Put it on the books for August 20-21, 2011.  Sign up as soon as possible.  Heats are already selling out.  It’s that fun.

Seriously.  It’s that fun.


Complete 10 rounds of-
:30 Ball slams
:30 Burpees
Rest 1 min.

4 thoughts on “Friday, October 22, 2010”

  1. Handsome as hell for sure! :-) sorry I missed tonight’s W.O.D> I will be availble for the feast tomorrow of course.
    I hope everyone has stayed deciplined with the “Paleo Diet” I will say there has been good & bad day’s up till now. Please read my following post if you would like to see what I bring for our Sat. lunch potlock style

  2. -Paleo style Chili-

    -Organic whole tomatos (caned)
    -Organic diced tomatos (caned)
    -tomato paste
    -diced roasted tomatos (caned)
    -corn (caned)
    -green chili peppers
    -almond shavings
    -fresh garlic
    -fresh onion
    -green, red, orange, yellow bell peppers (one each)
    all peppers diced 1/4 thrown in chili raw 3/4 browned in olive oil
    -1 jalapeno
    -1/2 turkey (kielbasa) quartered
    -1 steak (diced)
    -2 pork chops (diced)
    -1 1/2 pounds elk burger

    -rosemary garlic
    -chili powder
    -black pepper
    -roasted garlic

    *Protein prepared
    -turkey (kielbasa)- grilled & diced seasened in fresh garlic pan fried in olive oil
    -pork chops- grilled & diced seasened in fresh garlic pan fried in olive oil
    -steak- green chilis pan fried in olive oil and pepper
    -elk burger- brown in bell pepper remains pan fried in olive oil,(little water)

    let simmer 4 hours.
    I created this tonight, so I may need to adjust some stuff.. advise welcome! alway’s.
    Hope you enjoy! :-)

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