Friday – October 30, 2015

The CrossFit Lift Off is a week away, have you registered?  Do you even know what it is?  The Lift Off is an online competition, much like The Open, that will allow athletes to compete in three events.  A 1RM Snatch, a 1RM Clean & Jerk, and a classic CrossFit metcon.  All three scores will be combined into an overall score.  What makes this different than The Open is that the Lift Off will not only recognize age groups, but also weight classes.  It is only $10 to sign up, which will not only make you eligible for prizes (cash for the overall winners, but a ton of Rogue equipment for top finishers in each weight class and age group) but more importantly it will allow you to see how you compare to the global CrossFit community in the olympic lifts and the metcon.  But unlike The Open, the Lift Off is focused more on the loads lifted and you are competing against other athletes of similar age and bodyweight.

All three parts of the Lift Off must be completed between November 5th and 9th.  So here is our schedule.  Friday November 6th:  all CFJ classes will be doing the Lift Off metcon.    Then on Monday November 9th:  all the CFJ classes will be doing a 1RM snatch, and a 1RM clean & jerk.  If you can’t make it to Friday and/or Monday’s classes don’t worry; Saturday November 7th 9:00am class will be an open gym format where you can hit the Lift Off metcon, or one or both of the 1RM’s depending on what fits your schedule best.  If you want an official score for any of the three parts of the Lift Off you will have to have a judge validate your workout and/or lift (just like in The Open).

Want to register, or find more information?  Check out the Lift Off website HERE, or the full competition rule book HERE.