While talking about the Paleo Diet the other day with Gretchen, she posed a question.  A very common question, one you dairy lovers will be asking should you decide to drive down Paleo Lane……  WTF…..why no milk?!!! The YouTube video is informative, yes.  One key point they forget to mention is that milk and fermented milk (yogurt, for example), despite having a low Glycemic Index and Load, elicit a very high insulin response. Ponder…..


10-20-30-40-50 reps for time of:
Kettlebell swing (53/35)

7 thoughts on “Leche?”

  1. the high insulin rush is the best part! :-) I enjoy Coke as well, I may need to do some soul searching. hahah

  2. thats some funny stuff Chad! I really don’t like milk, so I’m good here. I suggest more of a clrear liguid form for you however, I never know weather its just coolaid from the kids snack pack or nitrous 1000 titanium street spike! your pounding :-) good laughs buddy.

    P.S. MILK is bad for you! I will email Amy a pic. I took of picture containing the theme of milk, you will like it.

  3. Your mom encouraged me to check out your website!! I love it–wish I could go to your gym! You and Tyler are going to be very successful! God Bless you guys!

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