Glenwood Springs CrossFit Team Competition

4min on, 30sec rest, 3min on, 30sec rest, 2min on, 30sec rest, 1min on, 30sec rest
Wall ball 20#/14# to a 10′ target
Parallette push-ups (hands and feet on parallettes, chest must go below top of parallettes)
Box jumps 24″/20″ Hips must be fully open while feet still on box (Regional standards)
Toes to bar
You may choose who starts where. You will spend each time at each of the stations, how much time depends on where you start. You MUST go in the order they are written. T2B’s cycles directly to WB’s.

One thought on “Glenwood Springs CrossFit Team Competition”

  1. We didn’t bring home any gold, but we left with our honor, pride, dignity, and possibly a few less pounds. Had fun spending the day with everyone, we will have to do it again.

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