Happy birthday Dad & Joe T. A couple of great fellas.

Why do we do CrossFit?

The person who takes the banal and ordinary and illuminates it in a new way can terrify. We do not want our ideas changed. We feel threatened by such demands. “I already know the important things!” we say. Then [the] Changer comes and throws our old ideas away. — Frank Herbert.

CrossFit has done just that.  It has taken the ordinary and illuminated it in a new way.  There is not that much brand new about CrossFit.  Cleans, swings, pullups, sprints, presses, jumps, front squats.  Yep, been around for a while.  So why does CrossFit terrify? Its concept of intensity threatens mainstream fitness thinking.  Its concept of athletic egalitarianism threatens mainstream strength and conditioning. It’s not the minutia of CrossFit, the movements and the lifts, but the essence.  The philosophy, the pedagogy, the macros.

Take a 40 year old soccer mom and train her as you would a rugby player?  Sprints, lifts, squats, jumps.  Tell her “good job, but really work on keeping the arms straighter on the 2nd pull next time.”  What?  That’s not the way it is supposed to be.  That kind of stuff is for college athletes, not family therapists and literature majors and my mom.  It’s ridiculous to hold these people to the same regimen and standards that one would linebackers and wrestlers.  We beg to differ, and the evidence, the results, prove us right again and again.

Along with it all, is the fear, the utter terrifying fear, that comes with being told “you can do it”.  That is one of the most frightening phrases ever uttered.  They may not know it, but people love hiding behind a perceived inability to do something.  It is very very comforting to stay where you are and it is scary to have that taken away. Perhaps the greatest achievement of CrossFit is to absolutely insist that “you can do it.”

We don’t want you to just push your limits, a second faster here, a pound heavier there, one more rep now and again.  That’s the little stuff, the micro. We want you to fundamentally reevaluate what you, as a human being, are capable of.  Because, no matter what is thrown at you, no matter how impossible it may appear right now, you can do it.

And that, those four words, constitutes a completely new approach to health and fitness, to life. (compliments of crossfitwest.com, 9/21/10)

So, I guess we do CrossFit in good part, because we can.  Because everyday challenges us just as much mentally, if not more, than physically.  We want to keep up with our fit kids.  We want to enjoy the beautiful Colorado skies to the fullest via road bike, skis, mountain bike, snow shoes, on foot, anything, everything, anytime. We want to have the ever-ready ability to say “Yes!” when someone asks us if we want to do a triathlon….. tomorrow.  We refuse to be prisoners of our own body. We will take this life and live it.  And guess what?  We’re taking you with us.
We do CrossFit so that we can be better at life.


5/3/1 – Week 7 – Back Squat

Rest as needed, then:

AMRAP in 10 minutes of-
14 Walking lunge steps
5 Burpees

If you haven’t grabbed your invoice for October, please do so. They are posted on the corkboard.

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday Dad & Joe T. A couple of great fellas.”

  1. Great post today. I am proud of everyone that comes through our doors everyday, and says “I can do it.” Our mind and body is capable of a lot more than we think. Keep up the good work.

  2. I’ll blog here in a minute; i can’t find my thesaurus to translate Amy’s post. lol It’s been a great experience right from the get-go, but having Amy around has taken all of us to a whole new level. Thanks Amy!! Great job to Justin for hanging in there through the rough first few weeks!

  3. Happy B-day to the BOYS!

    Let me know Chad, when you decipher Amy’s post entirely. I enjoyed the quick read with so much meaning. A second time through, was much clearer. I understand the premise with clarity, but only for a moment. The reality becomes disguised by the pinch in my ass that explains why. I was selfish not to stand with 305, in a chair without a leg.

    I believe in the phrase 40 is the NEW 20, only because I do belive I’m the metaphor . I have always welcomed a challenge & have perhaps met one of the most positive years to date. The changes “Crossfit” has made in My life have been rewarding in measures I continue to understand with each workout.

    Thanks for the energy everyone brings, this feels heavy :-( ITS LIGHT! ITS EASY! :-) Great we will become.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow…..

    hahah…. thanks for letting waste a few minutes of your life. I write this @ almost 1 A.M, Goodnight.

  4. wow! what was I talking about?

    Thanks to Amy & Tyler for teaching us about more than just lifting.

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