Is it fall already?!

Kody gettin’ it done first thing in the a.m..

Don’t forget to check the upcoming events tab and get involved in the Run for our Sons event coming up on October 17.

30-25-20-15-10-5 reps for time of:
Slam ball (20/10)

2 thoughts on “Is it fall already?!”

  1. that is tooo early to be lifting all that weight! it’s still dark outside that garage door. good job Kody. P.S. I want some of that” spicy Tomato Basil soap” again…you can cook bro :-)

  2. I guess having your mouth washed out with soap would not be so bad if it tasted of spice tomato basil. Kody, you have been doing great and pushing hard early in the morning. Your enthusiasm and personality make it easy to get up early and to the gym. Keep it up; we love having you around.

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