Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jumps (24″/20″)
30 Wall ball shots (20#/14#)

Thom did AWESOME at the FRCF Master’s Competition in Denver this past weekend- he brought home an 18th place finish in a field of 44 LEGIT athletes!! We are very proud of you Thom!!!

Great job to Derek for placing 17th in the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon!

Also, congrats to Ali, Angelo, John and Amy for competing in the team division at CF LoDo and bringing home the Silver!

ATTENTION: CFJ will be closed this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (10/20-10/22). We (a co-ed team of 12) are running the Ragnar Relay from Lake Mead to Las Vegas… 200 miles! Regular schedule will resume Monday, Oct. 24.

Our burpee penalty box is getting out of control….. You know, that lower left hand corner on the WOD board where your name goes if you forget to be personally accountable for your work…… so….. those of you still in there 1 week from tomorrow, BE WARNED! The whole gym will do YOUR burpees everyday until you complete them and remove your name.  As of right now that is 448 burpees. Ouch. Get ’em done.

9 thoughts on ““Kelly””

  1. Great Job this weekend everyone! Thom your a stud!!

    Hey Amy maybe you should take it easy on these folks that still have burpees to do, maybe burpees are just to hard for them!!!

  2. Siiiiick Work THOM! I was keeping up with the leader board on FRCF’s site this weekend and saw your efforts! Legit is an understatement!!! Looking forward to WODDIN man!

  3. Way to bring it in Denver this weekend Thom! You’re a threat in any age bracket.

    Working off burpees sounds like a great “Team” event for Wednesday evening. Somebody last week agreed to let me pay them to work off my burpees, would that person please contact me asap!

  4. All joking aside…. There are very few rules that are enforced in the gym, but one of them is burpees for not writing down your time. The reason we want you to write your time is three-part. One, it gives other members in the gym times to shoot for and chase. This is the competitive drive that we all love so much. Another reason is that we want you to claim ownership of where you are that day. We don’t want complaining or whining, we just want ownership of where your fitness is on a daily basis. The third reason has to due with data/science. We use the information on the board to see if our programming is effective. Without this data we wouldn’t be able to give you the training you deserve. Now you are informed, so quit being a bunch of whiny pussies and do your f’in burpees. I will be very disappointed if you have burpees and let another member complete your work. Suck it up and get it done.

  5. Brandon say’s he’s done with his burpees – Mike made him do them? Not sure about that but I’ll stay on him about it. He won’t be back to the gym until a week from Wednesday so does it count if I make him do them at home this week? You know all I have to do is have Nick call him to make him really do them :-)

  6. Thank you for all the support, had a great time & learned a great deal. Congrats to our team as well taking 2nd place. Hope everyone gets those burpees out of the way! If you need some motivation please ask, I will do them with you side by side helping you get through them. But please don’t everyone ask me that today! Haha. See you in the gym.

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