Monday – April 4, 2016

Just a quick update on some programming format changes we are starting this week.  As you all know we typically post a few days every week with some options for extra credit.  We are keeping the extra credit, but changing how we post it.  Starting today we will post 3 extra credit workouts every Monday.  We do not expect you to do all 3 on Monday.  What we hope you will do is look them over, and if you are interested in a little extra work, then you can fit them into your weekly training when and where they work best for you.


One extra credit workout every week will be geared towards trunk/midline strength & stability.  This is an area everyone needs to improve in.  I still don’t think I have ever seen anyone in our gym fail a heavy back squat with perfect posture because their legs just weren’t strong enough.  The midline or trunk is almost always what breaks down first from both heavy loads and from fatigue during a WOD.


One extra credit workout per week will be geared towards building work capacity & conditioning.  Sometimes this will be short max effort intervals to work on lactic acid buffering, sometimes it will be long and low intensity to focus on building a better aerobic base, and sometimes it will be something in between.

Anchorman Curls

And finally, one extra credit workout per week will be a straight up Jacked & Tan bro sesh.  You spend hours per week training, and we think you should look like you train when you are in your short sleeves and tank tops this spring & summer.