Monday, December 17, 2012

It’s official! Ownership has changed hands! Today is the beginning of a new era at CrossFit Junction.  But no need to be sad just yet; our beloved Amy will not be leaving us till the summer of 2013!  We can never replace the amazingness that she possesses and we will forever be grateful for the amazing box she has built. We would never be the awesome gym that we are today without her.  From a small garage gym to the almost 100 members that we have today! Thank you Amy and Ty!!

While members may not notice all the little things that are happening behind the scenes, you will begin to notice some big changes happening within the gym.  If you are reading this you may have already noticed one big thing!  Where’s the WOD??? The WOD will no longer be posted on the home page of the CrossFit Junction website.  Instead, please find your daily WOD in the “Member Area” of our page and click on “Daily WOD.”   Also under the “Member Area” tab you will find a section called “Benchmark Leaderboard.”  This is an area where you will find member records for our benchmark WODs.  Throughout the last two weeks we have input all legibly written benchmark results here on our website .

Starting in January we will be rolling out a new workout tracking program where everyone can record their own WODs!! Woohoo! However, in order to get everyone set up we need to have an accurate email address.  If you have had a recent email address change or haven’t provided us with one, please get updated email address information to your coach!


If you haven’t noticed yet, space is getting a little tight in our humble abode! So, in an effort to give everyone more elbow room and offer more awesomeness……….WE’RE MOVING!!!!!!!! Yay! Mark your calendars for December 29th-January 1st.  We will be moving down the sidewalk to units 6-8 and we need help demoing the walls and moving the heavy stuff.  If you are available to help please let us know! We will take you for as much or as little time as you can offer.  We hope to have our first WOD in the new space on January 2nd!

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  1. If you don’t post the WOD on the homepage then crossfit people who are looking at your site won’t know if they want to switch to your box or not. I like seeing what different crossfits offer for WODs in order to narrow down the ones to visit. Better to have them on the home page.

  2. Hey, just so you guys know, under “MEBU MuscleUps” it says I have 8. And I can definitely no do more 2 in a 24 hour time period. I love being 3rd and all, but my current record is 1.

  3. Dear Bunnie,

    I will start by being politically correct and taking “the customer is always right” route by agreeing with you. I too prefer the WOD to be displayed on the home page. Guess that’s just the laziness in me talking. The one extra click can often be too much effort. I am totally not joking when I say that. Wish I were, but I’m not.

    Then, I will embark on the truth. Thanks for your honesty, but the irony within your statement makes me laugh. Apparently having the WOD on the main page didn’t pull you in, because I have no idea who you are. So, I’m just not entirely sold on that theory.

    Lastly, this is not and hopefully never will be a sales and marketing site. We have no desire to steal people from other boxes. They know what we’re like, what we’re about. The door is always open. People can come and go as they so choose. We love when fellow CrossFitters visit us while in town traveling, but in the same welcoming breath we will recommend they hit up all boxes in GJ while they’re in town.

    This website is for members of CrossFit Junction to rally together and plan dodgeball tournaments, sign up for BBQ’s, celebrate birthdays, oh yeah…. and the WOD is here too. We are a community. A family. This new “member area” tab is for existing members. It is an additional service being provided to make our family better!

  4. Oh wait, you know what, that “8” was actually my MEUB Handstand Push ups. Sorry, I’m being annoying now, this is my last comment.

    Love what you guys are doing with the records and stuff.

  5. Well done with the update. I just wish this site worked with Chrome Browser on Android (4.12). No worries though, I made a couple shortcuts and all is well.

    The leader board is awesome but even people that aren’t in the top 10 should be able to view there current standings, imho. I’m sure you are working towards that though!


  6. I like some of the new updates on the web site. I agree with Santiago that people should know where they stand beyond the top 10. Hopefully, as the site progresses, the benchmark list will reflect the PR’s that have been posted on the main board since this box began.
    Additionally, I hope that today’s workout is not going to be one that will be repeated every week for a month. I enjoy seeing how much (or how little) I improve on a periodic basis, but I can work on the same movements until I become competent at any gym. I don’t expect that from a crossfit gym.

  7. I know I haven’t been working out much as of late but to throw my opinion in I’d have to agree with everyone. The new additions to site is awesome with the leader board but would be nice to see more than top ten. Has nothing to do with the fact that ill be on bottom ten when I do workout. Also agree with tdogs point of the not for time wods. I’m not a big fan of those. I feel like those are things I can do on my own time. Or could be better used as an extra credit excercise after wods. I do realize time isn’t always on our side but its just my opinion.

  8. I think what tdog is getting at is this: the current numbers on the PR white boards (on the wall in the gym) are not yet represented on the website. For intstance, Theron’s 500m row time on the white boards is better than mine which currently shows me at 9th. I also recommend posting the times down to the tenth or hundredth of a second, whatever it takes to keep things accurate.


  9. Santi-
    Once we roll out the entire “Member Area” after the first of the year everyone will be able to view all the results for each and every workout we do. The “Leader Board” is just that, a quick look at the best times posted by members of our gym on our Benchmark WODs. Any time we do a Named CF WOD it will be added to the leader board if it is not already there. If people want to see all the times, not just the top 10, then that will be available in the full blown “member area” coming in January.

    First of all I am not sure who you are since you did not post under your real name. I will assume you are a member at CFJ for the sake of this post.

    You will see this workout 3 more times in the next 3 weeks. The movements are picked because they address areas of weakness that our gym as a whole needs to improve on. By repeating the WOD every week we get more practice at the movements and can make quicker progress in our improvement. This is not a new concept in CrossFit training. CrossFit is full of top level athletes and coaches that tell you to “hammer your weaknesses,” not just work on them once every few weeks when they randomly come up in a wod. I understand that CrossFit is “constantly varied” but I do not believe we are straying from that principle here. In a week we have 5 S-WODs, 5 D-WODS, and our Saturday WOD. That is 11 total sessions per week, and we are repeating 1 session per week with the intent of hammering our weaknesses. This leaves 10 sessions per week (91%) of our training that follows the Constantly Varied principle of CrossFit training.

    I love talking programming with people, but sometimes it is easier to do in person so if you (tdog) or anyone else want to know WHY we do the things we do, I love talking about it. So catch me after a class, give me a call, or post a question here. I will do my best to answer questions and I am open to alternative views and ideas as I am always trying to grow and improve as a coach. If you have knowledge to offer that will help me put forth a better product for our gym family, then I want it.

  10. Apparently I should have caught that when I subm
    itted that post. Who
    uses pseudonym’s anyway (tweet)? That should have been posted under Theron Chepko

  11. Just to throw in my two cents, I enjoyed this workout. But that is probably because I am too lazy to work on my weaknesses on my own time. Hopefully at the end of the month I will be able to crush the ring dips.

  12. Santi-
    You are correct the we only input the results from the recent 2 week testing period into the software. Amber volunteered several hours of her time to do this in an effort to give us a starting point for using this feature of the software. When the full blown members area rolls out after the first of the year, you guys will be able to log in and add any additional workout results you want to be in the system, like previous PR’s and results of hero wods that we did not input already. As for the “tenths of a second” problem, we are in the process of adjusting these results.

  13. Last comment was from me. I did not realize that Amber’s name was in the screen already on the computer at the gym.

  14. Heres the deal for me, I trust my coaches and the man that designs my program, I have before in the past and I do right now. Get in there bust your ass, quit complaining, and sit back and watch yourself become better than you were the day or week before. Constantly varied is the driving principal in Crossfit, yes, I agree. But as crossfit evolves so do we. Tell me again what the last workout was for the open in 2010, oh and then what was the last workout in the 2012….. A f#$%ed up version of our favorite B%^&h FRAN. Now why do you think they would test that? Maybe to see if we are better than we were last year, maybe, just maybe. But wait thats not constantly varied…… Bummer.

  15. Dips,GHR’s,Ring Rows, DU’s- 22,18,15, BW,BW,BW, 15,13,14, DU’s first two done UB, last set UB on third try.
    Banded GM’s Black band, Weight Abmat anchored situps #53 KB for all sets.

  16. Apparently I misinterpreted the letter that we received earlier from the new own
    ers, wanting to hear feedback good or bad from the members. I do the workout nearly every day and do not follow workouts from other sites. I am simply offering an opinion. As far as KO is concerned, I bust my ass every day. You are comparing a workout repeated annually against one repeated weekly. I don’t complain about the workout, I hold an opinion as to it’s function.

  17. Theron my apologies it is never my intention to upset anyone,
    I am passionate about crossfit and its concepts, values, and ideals. You absolutely are correct.
    I learned one way and was also simply stating my own opinion as well, if I indeed offended you again my apologies. I know u but your ass and I have a mutual respect for your work ethic. Beers on me next time we can sit down after a wod.

  18. Theron-

    The letter that you received was true! We, as coaches and as owners, ALWAYS want to hear member feedback. It is so important for growth within our box to ensure that our members’ needs are being met. We, of course, design our programming to help us have the most successful well rounded athletes possible, which means weaknesses must always be dealt with head-on. However, even more important than our physical performance, it is imperative that we have a strong CrossFit community within our own box. That means that our members should be able to express their opinions without fear of being attacked or being made to feel bad for those opinions. Part of the beauty of coming to this gym is that we have a family atmosphere, one that allows everyone to get to know each other and build relationships. We place significant value in that.
    You are not the first member to express a concern with our current programming and we have made adjustments to it according to others’ suggestions. I hope that you, and every other member, will continue to give us feedback on what we are doing both GOOD and BAD so that we can continue to be the most bad ass CF possible!!

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