Monday, February 13, 2012

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

New date! This Thursday (Feb. 16), 6pm at CFJ! Coach Mike’s going away party. Food will be provided. Bring a drink if you’d like.

And the Nutrition Challenge winners are…..

Top male – Angelo Archuleta
Angelo scored an impressive 771 out of 800 possible points and got the best overall time on the finale WOD.

Honorable mentions:

Brandon S. was a close 2nd and had a 16.5% improvement on his benchmark. More importantly, Brandon’s blood/sugar levels are under control and he doesn’t depend on multiple pineapple juice drinks a day. That is seriously awesome.

Thom (lost 5% body fat), Paul (6.2% performance increase) and Matt (12.6% performance increase) were right on their heels.

Top female – Amber Peck
Amber scored an impressive 768 out of 800 possible points and had an 8.9% performace increase.

Honorable mentions:

Michelle was a very close second. She lost 5.1% body fat and lost 13lbs (even with gaining 4.2% lean body mass!!). Her before/after photos are stunning. And she got her first un-assisted pull-up. And can do toes-to-bar now. We are so proud of you Michelle!

Brandy (lost 13lbs.) and Lauren both increased their performance by more than 15% and Danielle was right in there with 11.3%. Awesome!!


5 thoughts on “Monday, February 13, 2012”

  1. Those are some impressive numbers!! Congratulations to everyone who participated and achieved some fantastic results.

  2. That is really fun to read about all the great progress we have all made in the gym. I hope this is a jump start for continued change and perhaps a new lifestyle for those who choose to keep going… except I want Angelo to stop looking weight! 😉

  3. Thanks guys! It was an awesome experience and I plan to keep it going even though it’s done. Congrats to everyone who did it!! See everyone at the gym!

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