Monday, February 20, 2012

Rest day…. use today as a rest day if you are following the 3-on, 1-off template. If you’re not following that, you will use today as a day to make up one of the WOD’s from the previous three days or work on a skill or weakness.

The CF Open is just around the corner, register here. We have set hosting dates with the other 2 CrossFit gyms in town. The hosting gym will provide potluck-style post WOD goodies. This is going to be a crap-ton of fun. Don’t miss out!! Here is our schedule:

WOD #1 – Sat. Feb. 25 – 1pm @ CF Red

WOD #2 – Sat. Mar. 3 – 1pm @ Pura Vida CF

WOD #3 – Sat. Mar. 10 – 1pm @ CF Junction

WOD #4 – Sat. Mar. 17 – 1pm @ CF Junction

WOD #5 – Sat. Mar. 24 – 1pm @ CF Red

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