Monday, June 20, 2011

Push Press
8 x 2 @ 50% 1RM

Rest 5-10 minutes, then:

3, 5, 7, 9, 7, 5, 3 reps of:
Handstand Push-ups
Toes to Bar
Ring Dips
Power Snatch (135/95)

Jill visiting from Castle Rock. Thanks for joining us at the track!!

Thanks to Don and Suzanne for giving an amazing day of information and coaching on the Olympic lifts. Thanks to Alan at Hypoxia CrossFit for hosting. We are definitely looking forward to the next one!!

This year at the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA, there will be a CF Teens Exhibition Competition. ¬†CrossFit Agoge has accepted the invitation and are hosting a team competition for surrounding affiliates as a fundraiser. Save the date… July 9. The schedule will be announced based on how many teams participate. We can bring as many teams as we like. The workouts will be able to be completed by any and all levels of CrossFitter. ¬†Each team will need to consist of 4 people and at least one of them being a female. ¬†Registration will be $25 per person/ $100 per team. We need to reply with a rough estimate of participation by Wednesday the 6th of July… There is a sign-up sheet at the gym or just let me know that you’re in. It will be a blast!!

Speaking of group workouts….. watching the CrossFit Teams compete is inspiring. And we’d love to get in on it. If you are potentially interested in competing next year as an individual, like many of you did this year in the CF Open, or on an Affiliate team…. keep your eyes and ears open for some group competition workouts coming your way. These will be open to anyone and everyone who wants to dig a little deeper and push a little harder. Just wanted to plant the bug now…. it’s gonna be rad.

The WOD this Saturday, 6/25, will be the Children with Hope 5K (starts at 8am) and 10K (starts at 7:50am) at Wingate Elementary. Save $10 by registering before Thursday. Check out the registration link here. We also have a flyer on the board at the gym.