Monday, October 1, 2012

Save the Date!! We are having a CFJ BBQ on Friday, October 12. Yes, we love you guys and just wanna hang out, but we also have some exciting news brewing and we want to fill you in!! We will kick off the evening at 5:30pm (5:30pm and 6:30pm classes will be cancelled that evening). Meat will be provided, BYOB or a side dish.





Starting today, we are switching things up a bit as far as programming goes. We are straying from We had been following that on a 2-week delay for a while, but we think you are all ready to shake it up a bit. We will be programming Monday through Friday again. Saturday will remain coaches choice. We are going to be closed on Sunday. In a nutshell, this will be awesome.

W-U:  10min Coach Choice
S-WOD (Strength):  Squat
5/65%, 5/75%, 5+/85
D-WOD (Daily):  6 Rounds
30 sec Deadlift (255#/165#)
30 sec rest
30 sec Burpees
30 sec rest
*Competitors use (275#/180#)
C-D: Pigeon Stretch (2min each)
We will be using the 5/3/1 template for Squats/Deads/Presses. Which will occur frequently.The following is an excerpt from Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 book, take a peek.

Beginning the 5/3/1 Program:

First, know your maxes for the major lifts- back squat (we will be utilizing HBBS, deadlift and shoulder press).

These are not maxes you think you can do, maxes you’ve done, or maxes you think you might be able to do.  These are maxes you can do RIGHT NOW. This is not the time to be a braggart lifter.  If you overestimate your maxes, you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

If you don’t know your maxes for any of the lifts, you can take a rep max. This is a good way to get an idea of your strength without loading the bar for a maximal attempt. Here’s how to do it:

Estimate your 1RM for the lift. If you can’t even do this, you probably shouldn’t be doing this program.

Take 80% or 85% of your supposed max and perform as many reps as possible.

Plug the reps and the weight into this formula to get your estimated 1RM:

20 Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM

Once you have your maxes for each lift (Squat, Deadlift and Press), I want you to take 90% of this number and use this as your “max” for the first 4 weeks of the training cycle.

The easiest way to do this is to take your max and multiply it by .9 (that’s “point” 9).

For example, let’s say you have a 400 deadlift, 385 squat, and a 190 press. Your numbers would look like this:

Deadlift: 400 x .9 = 360 Squat: 385 x .9 = 345 Press: 190 x .9 = 170

You would then begin the 5/3/1 program using the above numbers (360, 345, 170) as your starting “maxes.”

This will allow you to use sub-maximal weights to get stronger, and since you won’t be handling heavy weights all the time, it’ll keep your body fresh and you won’t plateau or regress.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why this must be done, and the answer is simple: by starting out at 10% less than your max, you won’t burn out, and you won’t plateau.  So, leave your ego at the door and do it correctly.  You don’t need to operate at your real max to make gains with this program.

Don’t feel lost, your coach will help guide you.

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  1. What’s up crossfitjunction? Hope everyone is working hard! New programming is a great change, here is one to work in, I did a few days back… For time 75 rnds #75/55lbs. 1 rnd equals a muscle clean (no dip)to a R lunge. To L lunge to a front squat 75 of those bad boys..all 4 movements must be completed without dropping bar to count as 1 round . I finished in 17:58. It was a really good WOD.. take care
    Great job Hayden, rope course would have been fun.

  2. Hope all is well in the Midwest! Sent you an email. Have not heard back. I will try again.

    0600. ANYONE!!!!!

  3. hey Matt,
    it would not let me resend to that email. can you resend? or use a differnt email address? nice to hear from you..

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