Ragnar Relay


CrossFit Junction will be closed Thursday, October 20 – Saturday, October 22. We (a co-ed group of 10) are going to run the Ragnar Relay from Lake Mead to Las Vegas (200 miles!).

Regular class schedule will resume on Monday, October 24.

Check out the Matchett Park Trail Run on Saturday, 10/21. The weather is forecasted as warm, get out and enjoy it! Trail strollers and dogs on leashes are welcome. The “Day of” registration begins at 8am, 5K starts at 9am, and the 1K (for kids 8 and under) starts at 10am, followed by goodies and a raffle.

And if you’re feeling it….. on Sunday, October 23 at 8:30am the Mesa Monument Striders running group will be hosting a (lengthy) run to Whitewater. It’s an 18-mile trail run on the Tabeguache that starts at the Bangs Canyon Staging Area on top of Little Park Road.

Alan from Hypoxia CrossFit in Ouray at the Master’s Competition at FRCF. Nice!!

17 thoughts on “Ragnar Relay”

  1. REMINDER!! Thom and I will be filling the Crossit void by hosting a 5:30 class to ALL C.F.J. members tonight at 5:30 as well as Friday at 5:30. We have the ability to program almost all of the movements you are used to seeing, so the format will be the same, just the venue has temporarily changed.

    639 Big Stone Lane is what you should punch into the navigation on your Escalade or Infinity…..wait Mike and Annie are going to be at the relay. The rest of us will have to use Google Maps. Take Broadway travelling West from town or the Redlands Parkway up into the Redlands, continue out past the Safeway and further past 20 1/2 Road, make your next right onto Big Stone Lane, I’m the last house at the end of the street. Anybody that gets turned around or scared because “Chuckzilla” may show up should call me at 433-8403. Thom and I look forward to seeing everyone!

  2. That was alot fun! Fortunately Thom wasn’t able to come into my house and “Mark” his territory!! Alot of fight tonight and hope to see some more faces tomorrow at 5:30.

  3. Alan from Hypoxia is looking good there, in a very appropriate male, heterosexual, straight guy kind of way. Alan must be laying off the “Alan Specials” down at Maggie’s Diner.

  4. hahaha that was a funny thread. “Gecko” :-0 I believe Chuck demonstrated some tough attributes tonight, it was a tough WOD and anyone showing up to your den deserves a proverbial pat on the back… when you step into Chads garage & even his workout shelve is full of supplements with a NASA approval, it would make most run for their car.
    look forward to hitting another fun one tomorrow. hope everyone can make it.

    great job tonight! & Chad, I will be marking my territory tomorrow! :-)

  5. Angelo is the only guy I’ve ever had show up to my house and the entire neighborhood watch team sits on their front porch until he leaves! I think I just saw one of them checking to make sure all of their wheels on their car were still there.

  6. HA HA HA!! I actually kind of chuckled on that one.. I say we throw in some overhead squats and some muscle ups and see if you will be calling me “Gecko” or what Im originally known as…. “Kettle Magic”

  7. If it’s overhead squats and muscle-ups, then don’t even bother bringing my belt with you to the house tonight!

  8. Chad you’re welcome to wash our cars whenever you would like! Just don’t hit the red button in either one, it ejects turds real fast!

  9. I’m sure you already have a butler to go along with your Escalade and Infinty that washes them for you. I probably wouldn’t even pass the background check to get hired on as the car detailer.

  10. holy crap is the ego growing or is it just me? :-) I vote for overhead squats tonight! that way I can mark the garage all up! hgah

  11. I better bring my green card tonight. I don’t want to end up getting deported for kicking some ass!!! Lol

  12. 10 a.m. W.O.D IS STILL ON FOR TOMORROW (SATURDAY, OCT. 22ND)!! This particular W.O.D. will be one you may never have the opportunity to be a part of again, but I don’t mean that in the sense that it will be too challenging. Come over and get your weekend started in a positive way, or feel free to stop in and visit while you cheere everyone else on.

    I haven’t moved over the weekend, so my address is still 639 Big Stone Lane in the Redlands. Take Broadway West out past the Safeway, continue past 20 1/2 Road to the next street which is Big Stone Lane, make a right and take the street to the end of the block. If Jeremy can find it….then anyone can.

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