Saturday, February 11, 2012

Please join us today for the Nutrition Challenge finale. Heats will kick off at 10:10am.

Please make sure you are warmed up and ready to rock by your heat start time, as they will be kicking off on time. If you are interested in doing a Saturday workout but did not participate in nutrition challenge, COME ON DOWN!! We have plenty of room and you will enjoy a fun workout!!

All heats should be wrapped up by 11:25am, please bring a food or drink item to share, invite your family down and hang out for a bit!! Complete Nutrition will be here with lots of awesome supplement suggestions, information, and advice.

The “challenge” will be over, but we are certainly not about quick fixes and easy solutions. We are committed to a CrossFit lifestyle. Hopefully you have learned a few things about yourself and your previous dietary habits during this challenge and you can keep some things going. You can allow some things back in. See how they affect you. You are your own lab. Experiment. Change. Experiment. Change. Find YOUR perfect balance. What makes YOU lean out, what fuels YOU to go harder, run faster, get stronger? You have to find what works for you and provides you with the tools for success TODAY. If something is not working, change it! If something is working, ask…. why?

We’re still working on it…. don’t worry, we’ll get it soon…..

3 thoughts on “Saturday, February 11, 2012”

  1. Agreed. It was fantastic to see so many people pushing themselves so hard today. Can’t wait for the next day like that.

  2. Absolutely! Great WOD guys! Also, want to thank everyone for all the great Paleo food. Definitely gives some motivation to work hard. Cant wait for another potluck! That is . . .if Im not still full from this one!

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