Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don’t forget – we bumped Saturday classes an hour starting this month. CFKids is now at 9am and adult class is now at 10am. Enjoy that warm bed for an extra hour!!

You’re partners for the Nutrition Challenge will be posted here later today….. and keep your eye out for our first potluck, coming soon!!

And your partner is…..

Matt / Darren
Amber / Gretchen
Brandon S. / Thom
Ali / Alison
Lauren P. / Amy
Lauren T. / Maggie
Chuck / Paul
Michelle / Erin
John T. / Tim
Nick / Justin
Danielle / Brandy
Angelo / Ben H.
Theron / Garth
Mark C. / Chad

Hopefully your partner is someone you see regularly at the gym. Get together at least 1x/week to trade food logs (you do have one, right?!), check in on each other, and ask questions. By being a good, reliable partner, you are making a huge difference in the likelihood of success for them. Don’t be a turd. Make this happen. You are all doing great! Keep it up!