Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Danielle!!!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
20 Wall ball shots (20#/14#)
Run 200 meters

Hard work is a little more fun when you have a buddy by your side. That is one of the many things that separate a CrossFit gym from an ordinary “gym”. The family-like atmosphere. Most of you are here because a friend told you about us. Or a relative. Or a co-worker. Someone that you choose to hang out with in your free time. You guys walk through the door because there are supportive friends and coaches on the other side. And that’s the way we like it!!

By the way….. Thanks to all who donated to the food drive!!

6 thoughts on “Thursday, December 15, 2011”

  1. happy birthday Danielle :-) hope it’s a great #1. great job to Ryan’s last nights Wods was !!! I’m sore in case anyone wants to know. Note to self, when taking 10 days off from CROSSFIT, don’t cry when your body hurts.

  2. Happy Birthday Danielle! Don’t tell Amy though, this week has been tough enough already without a birthday WOD.

  3. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Note to Nick, yesterday’s WOD was a tough one for me since they included all my weakness movements. I think Amy did that on purpose :-)!

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