Thursday, December 29, 2011

If you missed last night’s 2012 Nutrition Challenge meeting, don’t worry! We’ll hold another informational meeting thisĀ Saturday, December 31, at 10am. Can’t make that one either? We’ll hold a final kick-off meeting the day the competition starts, Monday, January 2, at 9am.

For those interested, here is a link to the Zone info I was referring to last night. Click on link, then download the PDF article.

WOD- courtesy of
Four rounds of:
0:30 Max Burpees, 0:30 off
0:30 Max Double Unders, 0:30 off
0:30 Max Dead Hang Pull ups, 0:30 off

If you have a great rack position at the top of your front squat…..

You greatly increase your ability to keep a great rack position in the bottom of the front squat. Nice Randy!!

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  1. Thanks thom! Learning from the best at crossfit junction, woot! Oh, I swear that weight is alot heavier than out looks…

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