Thursday, March 3, 2011

The dood drive has ended. Thanks to all of you that donated items!!

Cookie Monster Knows Exactly What He Wants From Food!

Well C-Monster… those would be items not accepted during a food drive because they actually rot in the next 3 years, and they’re a bit more costly. Oh…. and they’re not made from government subsidized products like soy or corn. Guess that means they might be healthy.

The 2011 CrossFit Open is just around the corner…. This is a qualifier for the CrossFit Regionals, which in turn is a qualifier for the CrossFit Games.

We, CrossFit Junction, are partnering up with CrossFit Agoge in Montrose and CrossFit Red here in GJ as Registered Affiliates to pick a hot spot each week to perform the workouts.

As you know, it is a six week competition beginning Tuesday, March 15. The workouts will be released each Tuesday and will need to be completed/submitted by each participating CrossFit Junction athlete prior to the following Sunday.

Here’s our tentative agenda thus far:

WOD #1: Saturday, March 19: CF Agoge (11am-ish)
WOD #2: Saturday, March 26: CF Red (11am-ish)
WOD #3: We will be holding workout for week #3 under the radar and under our own roof. We will be out of town the weekend of April 2-3, so we will host a smaller venue mid-week.
WOD #4: Saturday, April 9th – TBD
WOD #5: Saturday, April 16th – TBD
WOD #6: Saturday, April 23rd – TBD

It is $10 (I said $5 originally but that is for all registrants outside of the US and Canada – sorry!) to participate. Each athlete will be responsible for registering themselves, the website will go live on March 7th and you will have access to the rules, regulations and registration options.

Each gym will have a different method for assigning heats, that info will follow. Expect to pay a very small entry fee at hosting gyms. May or may not happen.

Should each and every one of you compete? YES!! It is guaranteed to be an awesome time. You rally at our gym every day for workouts (often on Saturday) and this is no different, we are just supporting the community we love. If you’re a bit intimidated by the thought of taking these workouts and making them public… I have a proposition for ya…… talk to me about it…

Also, should you decide to sit this round of fun and competition out, please come out to our local affiliates each Saturday and support those that are choosing to compete. Your cheering voice or helping hand at the hosting gym is guaranteed to be appreciated.


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes

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  1. Orkin will be out to the gym tomorrow, because all heard tonight was crickets. Where was everyone? Throw an itsy bitsy teeny tiny run in there and everyone abandons ship! Thanks to Ryan for setting a fast pace tonight and helping us make the most of it.

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