Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Hopper Deck 1.0


Good times, good times. We will be offering up some interesting twists today. Get some!

(Yes, I stole this picture directly from but I bet they won’t mind….)

4 thoughts on “Thursday, May 12, 2011”

  1. So we discussed this yesterday, but I didn’t think you try it until at least say tomorrow………….

    Please no ace of spades…. Please no ace of spades………

    Actually this should be pretty entertaining. Wish I could make it to one of the busy classes today to see how it all plays out!!!!

    P.S. I think you should do the burpee’s idea……..

  2. Nope, you guessed correctly, we don’t mind sharing the pain with each and every one of you wonderful people.


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