Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seven rounds of:
35 Double-unders
1 Snatch

Make one snatch attempt per round. Do not count missed reps. You will record time and total of all successful snatches.

Please welcome Joe Graham to the crew….

This weekend calls for another Cyclocross Race!! 9am at Canyon View. There will be a 20 minute clinic offered if you’re interested. The lineup for Juniors, Citizens, and kids is at 9:20am and start is at 9:30am. It is only a 15 minute race so bring it on!!!

If you are not interested in doing the Cyclocross race, don’t worry, 9am class is still happening at the gym.

The following is an excerpt from one of my favorite blogs, offered up by John Welbourn, the mastermind behind CrossFit Football, owner of CrossFit Balboa/SoCalSC, and former professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and the New England Patriots.
—‘I have never wanted to mediocre at anything. I have never been average at anything I have poured myself into. And I can’t understand the desire to strive for mediocrity.
When you walk into the gym you should want to be the strongest, fastest, most explosive, well muscled athlete with the biggest engine. Period. Striving for anything less is unacceptable.’

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