Thursday, October 11, 2012


Josh Dove

Warm Up #3
Wtd Chin Ups
3 Rounds (NFT)
20 Alternating Pistols
6 Alternating BB TGU’s
*Record load for TGU’s and total reps
*Rest 60sec between each movement
Bi-Lat Int Rot (2min)
Anchored T-Spine Mob (2min)

12 thoughts on “Thursday, October 11, 2012”

  1. I second that “Holy Hamstrings”! I could not walk this morning. Guess I would not hurt so much if I had not taken a month off.

  2. HSPU total= 62 (26,15,21) Pistols first round to the #187 stone then RX’D (Warmup was sick- thats why I got these). TGU BB @ #65lbs, barbell never touched the ground through the 6 repsx3rds. Weighted Chins #65×2 best effort. HSPU’s were kipped with the crash mat under my head and hands. Deceptive WOD kicked my ass.

  3. S-WOD: 40-50-60-75-85
    HSPU 12, 14, 12 (Broke at these numbers due to feet comming off the wall. That seems to be the first aspect of my technique to fail when kipping these). Had to go down to a wall-ball for the pistols, and had to modify my left side by using a band for additional balance. My hip injury had a hard time with these. TGU’s with 45lbs (These were much harder on my hip than I had anticipated. Something about the awkward angles was realy hard for my hip to handel, even at this light weight).

    Justin- Your hamstrings would be terrible today even if you had not taken any time off.

  4. I thought the guy with the creepy van moved to Denver!!! Coach Nick-If you see this guy at the gym, particularly during kids class,beware!

    Just kidding!! Happy Birthday Turtle Dove!!! :)

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