Thursday, October 6, 2011

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
Walking lunges (1 step = 1 rep)
Slam ball
KB swing (53/35)

Happy Birthday Gretch!!

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10 thoughts on “Thursday, October 6, 2011”

  1. Thanks you guys! I appreciate the birthday wishes. Chad, I think the score is: Wall Ball- 150 Me- 0
    Getting older hurt today :)

  2. Hey Everyone-
    I hope everyone can join us this Saturday for a little cyclocross skills clinic after the 9AM workout. I know Amy plugged this already, but I wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder!

    We are going to be meeting at River bend Park in Palisade around 10:30AM and have fun riding bikes till probably around lunchtime. All you need is a bike, helmet and a water bottle or two. A mountain bike or something with knobby-ish tires is preferred, but you will probably do just fine with a road bike or even a beach cruiser!! Spandex is also, not exactly necessary……….

    Cyclocross is a lot like crossfit, but on a bike. You ride your bike for a designated amount of time on a short course so you are doing multiple laps (AMRAP). Each lap will have obstacles that you need to get around. These obstacles aren’t kettle bells, wall balls, or burpees; they are barriers, run-ups, a little mud, and logs. The terrain isn’t all that technical but what makes cyclocross hard and fun is the intensity that we race at as well as the obstacles. Check out this video below for an idea of what Cyclocross is all about.

    On Saturday we are going to be learning what goes on in a race, technique for dismounting and remounting, and basic race tactics and techniques. We’ll probably have a mini crossfitjunction race after everyone is comfortable with the racecourse and format. If you are thinking about doing a few of the local races, it would probably be cool to come to the clinic on Saturday so you don’t “Joey OK’d it” while racing…….

    To quote Amy at the River bend park race last year, “That was the most I’ve ever laughed while working out in my life!”

    Cyclocross is a lot of fun and I hope everyone can join us on Saturday!

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