9 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 16, 2011”

  1. To all the crossfitters!
    I will be gone from now until Wed. of next week. work hard & get strong! I will return with a vengeance… :-) Mn. here I come…

  2. Open Position Posting in Thom’s Absence:

    Looking for a hard working, honest, middle aged male, who likes to finish second. Responsiblities are as follows: Meet me at my car, open my door, retrieve my gym bag, carry it into the gym, prepare all pre-workout supplementation, towel me off, return my gym bag to the car, open my door, give me a thumbs up sign for finishing first and wave to me as I drive off.

    If qualified, send me a resume to fill this position while Thom is in Minnesota for the week.



  3. Dang! BIG WORDS!!! if memories serve me, I left on the note of knocking my last W.O.D out of the park… MON– overhead #135-ring dips-box jumps..

    I was not aware I was still the poster boy for the small jock strap award. :-) haha

    I do feel Angelo would be a suitable replacement if you need someone to balance that heavy ego. LOL

    a little rest has always proven to be more than beneficial to this body of mine, so be warned my friend.. I will come back & send a HUGE message.


  4. By the way Chad, I did get a BIG laugh @ that post of yours. not sure if it was the witty humor or if it was a reminder of me when I was your age.

    Thom #21

  5. From: Chad’s H.R. Department
    To: Justin Mitchel

    Dear Mr. Mitchel,

    Chad appreciates you making a post in response to the open position. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there is no “Modifier” for carrying his gym bag, you remain unqualified for the position. We wish you luck in finding a position more suitable to your current skill set.


    Chad’s H.R. Department

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