Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well….. 3 days left of our Whole30 Challenge. A few of you have really committed and are reaping the reward big time. Congrats!! On Friday, August 31 you will complete your benchmark workout again as your WOD. Also on Friday, confirm your final point status with your coach.

The MexiChan tearin’ it up at the Front Range CrossFit Colorado Open this past weekend. ¬†Thanks to everyone who participated and/or attended the competition this past weekend, what a great time! Everyone performed so well and our crew was so great to hang with! I’m definitely looking forward to the next event!!

Warm-up: Coach specific

Mobility: Banded Heel Cord (Anterior Bias)

Strength: Back squat 3-3-3-3-3

WOD: 50-35-20 reps for time of-
Wall balls (20#/14# to 10’/9′)

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 28, 2012”

  1. Did todays WOD at Golds. Singles tripled instead of doubles. 35:45. Miss being at the gym with all of you. Hopefully will be there Wednesday. May need to set up a special time for Friday if possible. Will be working 12 to 6. Drop kids at school at 7amthe &I 8:30am.

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