Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amber shouldering a 70lb stone this weekend during workout #2 at the Colorado Open in Denver.

We were able to bring a 70# Atlas stone home and a 115# stone will be joining us shortly. Fun stuff!

FRCF Colorado Open Workout #1

5 rounds for time of:

10 back squats, 205 lbs (135 lbs)
10 pullups, chin over
150 meter run

There is a 15 minute time cap.

Back Squat
The squat movement starts with the bar on your back and with your knees and hips fully extended.  You must squat deep enough for your hip crease to be below the level of the top of your patella.  You must return to the start position to finish the rep.  Each lifting station will have a squat rack.  The barbell must be in the squat rack in order for you to move onto the pullups.  If the barbell touches the ground,  you must get the barbell back into the squat rack before you move to the pullups.

You must use shoes of some kind.  You may use neoprene sleeves, but you may not use knee wraps.

CO Open ROM pictures 018 CO Open ROM pictures 019

You must start each rep with your elbows and shoulders completely extended.  The rep will be counted when your chin is visible over the pullup bar.  You may use any type of kip that you wish, but your chin must be visible over the bar.

You may use athletic tape on your hands.  You may not use gloves, gymnastics grips or anything else between your hands and the pullup bar.  Any kind of adhesive applied to the hands will be cause for immediate disqualification from the CO Open.

CO Open ROM pictures 028 CO Open ROM pictures 029

You will start at your barbell, do 10 back squats and re-rack the bar.  You will then proceed to the pullup bar and perform 10 pullups.  You will then run 150M. You will repeat this for a total of 5 rounds.  Your time will stop when you run back into the gym and touch your barbell.

Part 2

Rest as needed, then complete a 1000M Row.

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  1. So excited for those freaking stones! Another fun, challenging way to get our sweat on!! Everyone will love them! :)

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