Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year CrossFit Junction Family!!!

Wow! Doesn’t seem possible that it’s already 2013!! Welcome to a new year! With a new year comes change, right?? So, starting tomorrow we will be offering some additional classes:  We will be adding a 9:00am class and reinstating our 5:30pm adult class.  With the additional class space we will be able to offer an adult class alongside our regularly scheduled CFKids class so come get your WOD on while coach Nick handles your little ones! :)

In case some of you are wondering……….we are not going to host an official nutrition challenge to coincide with the beginning of the year.  However, please don’t let that stop you from jumping back on the nutrition wagon!  If you need guidance please ask your coach, they are ALWAYS willing to offer advice on how to tweak your diet for improved performance.

We will have something awesome coming in March that is sure to get you leaned down and fired up for the CrossFit Games Open! More information to come on that throughout the next couple of weeks.

Happy New Year!