Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Imagine a country where kids grow up valuing fitness and nutrition, where youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are given the opportunity to improve their health, fitness, and personal development.

Teens from tough neighborhoods and difficult family lives choose to be involved in fitness, sports, and other positive outlets instead of drugs, gangs, and violence. After school, they go to their local gym (CFJ) where they sweat alongside other members of their local community – firefighters, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, soccer moms, etc.

CrossFit offers a positive framework and community to help at-risk youth grow into stronger and healthier individuals- both physically and mentally.  Working out and eating well become second nature, and they learn life lessons in a supportive environment – discovering what they’re capable of, pushing themselves to work hard and strive for something greater.

CFJ wants to be a part of the solution! That is why we are partnering with Steve’s Club to create a local club designed to reach kids in Mesa County.  CFJ Members, we need your help!! We need a name in order to establish a non-profit.  Bring your creativity and help us find a catchy, inclusive name that will help us reach out to children.  Post your ideas here or let your coach know.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 29, 2013”

  1. Hey Jen and Amber. I do have an idea for your club. The name idea is “Iron Will”. I used in once in college as the name of a gym. I had to do promotion for it and some other things. Anyways, I think the name covers a lot of reference and ideas and what some of these kids have been through. And yet to face. I would think it does take a certain amount of will to keep fighting the fight that they face. And also the will to use Cross fit as a way to learn new life skills. You could also use the wolf (from the book) as a “mascot.” Also wolves that are in the wild, have responsibility to the pack that are well beyond the individual needs. Maybe some of these same concepts can be used for these kids as a teaching tool to help them realize they are part of a group and have responsibility as being part of the group. Like family or society in general. I hope this makes sense. Just a few things I thought of. Take care.

  2. Well sorry there maybe a problem. I did some more research and found there is a Crossfit Iron Will gym in Springfield, Massachusetts. So I am not sure that will work. Ill keep working. And actually Iron Will was a movie not a book. But still a good story behind it.

  3. So Jen was throwing around words like foundation or landmark. Then thought of “Crossroads at Crossfit” So I looked up the definition of crossroads and found a couple of fitting explanations. One is defined as a community of people smaller than a village. The second one was a point in time when a critical decision must be made. I don’t know if cross roads has to much of a negative theme to it. But maybe we can come up with something off that. Anyway Ill keep trying.

  4. I like the crossroads idea but I worry about confusion with Crossroads gym….I can not tell you how much I appreciate all your help. I was thinking of the apollo youth project…. Referencing the first steps on the moon. With a tag line like “don’t stop reaching for the stars when there r footprints on the moon”. And have a picture of a moon man dressed in Crossfit gear planting the CFJ flag ( like when MTV frost started)…thoughts??

  5. I’m stupid. Forgot about the Crossroads gym. I like the idea. My only question is do kids these days understand the reference of Apollo. In particular dis advantaged kids that maybe less educated about such things. But what if you just used the idea of “First Steps” youth project. “Take your first steps with Crossfit” You could still use the shoe prints on the moon and the flag. But, just my opinion. I think you are pretty awesome for even thinking of such a project. And I’m glad that Cody and Amber are willing to give you a platform to work with.

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