Tuesday, January 3, 2011

Effective today6am class is now offered Monday through Friday. We will run this through the duration of the nutrition challenge to see if it takes off…. so if you like that time slot, show up!!
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of:
Overhead Squat (115/75#)

Happy Birthday Alison!!!

The first day of our 2012 Nutrition Challenge is on the books. How’d it go?

Success (for me) all comes down to preparation. The five P’s, don’t ya’ know?!

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

The food pictured above is what I brought in with me to the gym yesterday. 4 of my 5 meals are typically  consumed while at the gym so I have to be prepared or I’m just setting myself up for failure.

Since I’m going with 13 blocks for now (Generic “Large Female” block requirement that I may add/subtract blocks after a week or two if need be), I brought:

2 oz chicken (2P)
6 almonds (2F)
1.33 cup raspberries (2C)
All x 2 for two 2-block snacks.

Also on the menu;

3 oz turkey (3P)
24 asparagus spears (2C)
1.25 cup red/yellow pepper medley (1C) sauteed in
1 tsp olive oil (3F)
That meal is also x2.

That leaves me with one 3 block meal for when I get home at night. Perfect!

The Zone blocks can get a little tricky…. here is a cool Zone Calculator for Paleo approved foods. Click on the Paleo Foods (US) tab.

What are you doing on Sunday, January 22nd? WINTER TEAM CHALLENGE!

On Sunday, January 22nd, teams from all over the state of Colorado are welcome to come test their fitness at Glenwood Springs CrossFit.

This is a TEAM ONLY challenge.  Your team must consist of 2 men and 2 women.  It doesn’t matter if you are all from the same gym; just get a team together and sign-up fast as we have limited slots available.  There will be prizes for the top 3 teams in each division.

Register here.


We will have two divisions for competition; Open and Masters.  In order for your team to qualify as Masters, all 4 members MUST be 35+ years of age.


There will be 3 events through-out the day.  All WOD’s will be programmed to allow athletes of all ability levels to participate in each event. You will not be finding out the WOD’s until the day of the event.


We will have healthy food available on-site, and there are restaurants close-by.  We will have 2,000 SQ Feet available as a warm-up area/athlete’s lounge.  If you are planning on coming up for the weekend, contact us and we can tell you the best places to stay.



Snow Clause:

As we do live in the mountains, and it does occasionally snow here, we will have a “Snow Clause” in place, allowing for refunds in the event that we get a foot or more of snow, or the passes and/or canyon are closed, which would lead to you being unable to attend our event.  Pray for SUN!

Let’s represent CrossFit Junction and get a team or two together!

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  1. Happy Birthday Alison!! You did a great job on Saturday by the way.

    If I’m in town I’d be happy to get on a team for Glenwood.

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