Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lanie and Sharon rockin’ the Community WOD!

If you haven’t already, you can start logging your daily WOD on the CrossFit Junction website. Just go to the member area and login with your user name and password, find the date on your calendar and post result. If you have questions just ask your coach. :)

7 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 8, 2013”

  1. Kirk-

    It should work with any browser. Between my home computer, my work computer, and my i-phone I have posted results with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

  2. Check the bottom of the sheet, there are several tabs to print. Also you have to follow the initial link twice. So click on 531 programming, it will take you to another page, click on 531 programming again. Input your numbers and name on the first sheet and it will automatically populate the other three pages’ numbers for you. If you can’t get it just ask at the gym and I’ll show you :)


  3. I’m diggin the online results tracking! Can’t wait to get multiple scores on some WODs to compare. Thanks to the person who set this all up!

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