Tuesday, July 3, 2012

12 rounds for time of:
10 hang squat cleans (75/55)
6 Hand-release push-ups (w/feet elevated on 45#plate)

I seriously love our CFJ family. You guys rock.

Huge thanks to our Coaches – Amber, Angelo, Garth, Chad, Ali and Thom for making this place so awesome. You guys are the best!!

4th of July schedule: On Wednesday, 7/4, we will have 6am, 8am, and Noon classes only. Have a safe holiday.

This Saturday, July 7, we will be at Cabela’s from 10am-4pm promoting the benefits of getting physically prepared prior to opening day of hunting season. Stop in for a workout or just to say hi!! If you are a hunter, we’d love to see you show your support and personal experiences! If you will miss this one, don’t worry, we’ll be part of another Cabela’s event in August.

On a side note….. The gym has loaned out 2 books recently. Two awesome books.

1) ‘The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook’.

Trigger Point Therapy Workbook By Clair Davies

My all-time favorite book.

2) ‘The Paleo Solution’

Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet Book by Robb Wolf & Loren Cordain

by Robb Wolf

If you borrowed these books, they are due at the CFJ library. Another member wishes to check them out. And if you haven’t read them by now…. well…..

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  1. Chad, those calves of yours must hurt from standing on them, I know your not taller than Amy.

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