Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sumo Deadlift 5×5


4 rounds for time of:
5 Clean and Jerk (155/105)
15 KB Swings (53/35)
25 Push ups

Remember how much fun group road trips are?!

The team competition at CrossFit Agoge is coming up in just under 2 weeks (Saturday, July 9). Teams of four, each team is required to have at least 1 female competitor. So far we have 3 ladies and 1 man signed up…… where you at fellas?! The sign up sheet is at the gym.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 28, 2011”

  1. The reviews for the “The Event” are pretty bad. I heard its basically a Justin Bieber look alike, walking around like a robot with a big hairy back, in a tiny t-shirt.

  2. I’m canceling all future shows after my stunning defeat yesterday. I will retire to the Denver Zoo in the Silver Back Guerella exibit.

  3. how many tickets are left Chad? I want @ least 3! hahah nothing like watching a guy sport the shmedium like “the Event” :-)

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