Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Barski cleans – 5 sets of 3 (work up to 80%x3).

Barski cleans are 3 cleans in a row from the mid thigh position. The bar is not put down until the set is completed.

Clean pulls – 3 sets of 2 (90%)

Danielle loves forward rolls.

Okay, maybe love is a strong word. “Dislikes strongly” would be more appropriate. But she does not run from that which she dislikes. She faces it head on and conquers the beast of fear every time. ¬†We are very proud of you Danielle- keep up all of your hard work!!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 10, 2011”

  1. “Dislikes strongly” is putting it mildly but your right, it’s a fear I have to overcome :-) I’d run a mile any day over doing a forward roll!

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Amy – remember about 24 years back to the bike riding lessons you learned – about running into parked cars and placing your foot in the spokes of the wheel as you rode.

    We love you Amo

    Mom and Dad

  3. Ok, Amy I’m looking forward to hearing this story about the foot in the spokes… :) Gotta love that your ‘rents posted that on here for every one to see. ha ha ha

    Happy Birthday lady! I hope its a special day and the start to another great year! Thank you for all you do and all your encouragement in the gym, you are a great leader and influence on all of us! Thanks for pushing us to be our best everyday and doing it with that cheerful Amy smile! :)

    Danielle! Those are some very powerful words your using! :) Just think you could be doing the forward roll this weekend when your running your race and hopefully it will give you that little bit extra. Happy Running!

  4. Happy B-Day Amy! Another year of crossfit knowledge and wisdom under your belt. Thank you for all that you do for us.

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