Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps

If you are interested in competing in the Front Range CrossFit Colorado Open in August, registration begins today at 9am and sells out crazy-fast. Cost is $100.

Gym is closed this Saturday (5/19) for THE GAUNTLET.

These fellas mean business.

Seeeerious biz-ness.

Written by Amber Peck
Goals. We all have them.
Whether they are personal goals, financial goals, professional goals, or fitness goals, we all have them.  Some of us declare our goals to others, some of us file our goals away in the back of our minds deciding when best to act on them.
Greg Amundson, Instructor of the Crossfit Goal Setting course, defines a goal as: “A specifically desired end state, expressed in the positive tense, which provides motivation and direction on the path to achievement.”
He goes on to explain four key points to goal setting;  The goal must be SPECIFIC, it must be expressed in the POSITIVE TENSE, it must have a TIME FRAME, and it must provide you with INSPIRATIONMOTIVATION, and DIRECTION.
Now I know we are all AMAZING Crossfitters, but in order to begin on our journey to setting achievable goals, we must first have an accurate appreciation of our current ability.
Nothing made me more proud then when my eleven year old daugher told me she was going to do a muscle-up! She was determined! She got up on the rings, grabbed them like she was on a mission, did a beautiful kip, and……..failed her muscle-up attempt.  Why?  She had the desire, she had the ability to kip.  What she was lacking was an accurate appreciation of her current ability.  She had not given an ounce of time to working on her dips and yet she had made it her goal to do a muscle up. When we set goals like this, we are setting ourselves up for failure.  Set goals that challenge you but be realistic.
Making our goals actionable:
1) Write your goals down!
2) Immediate Action Required!  -Do it today!
3) Make your goals public! -This makes you accountable.
4) Acknowlege your acomplished goals! -Embrace them and let your accomplishments build confidence. -Take a short break and be content.
5)Listen -Listen to positive thoughts and words, correct negative thoughts and only allow in the positive.
Put it in motion! Set goals, achieve them, work hard each day to be a better mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, co-worker, and of course, CROSSFITTER!  A goal without a time frame is just a dream! Stop dreaming and start achieving; One step at a time to a better, faster, stronger YOU!