Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10min Coach Choice

5/75%, 3/85%, 1+/95%

We are into week four of this 5/3/1 strength program. You should know your numbers (or at least a rough estimate) for all lifts by now. CFJStrength5.3.1

10-15-20 reps for time of-
KB Snatch Rt (53#/35#)
KB Snatch Lt (53#/35#)
400m Run

*Comp do GHD Sit Ups

Overhead w/Ext Rot Bias (2min each)

Did you guys read the Daily Sentinel yesterday? They called them by their real names in the article, so for those of you that don’t know… The MexiChan is Angelo Archuleta and Tweet is Chris Kilmer. We just call Nate Beard… Nate… ’nuff said there. Sweet article fellas!


HEY  lululemon fans! CFWestCo is having their Grand Opening this Saturday, 10/27. There will also be a lululemon trunk show and potluck. If you can cruise by between Noon-3pm, that would be awesome! They are located on the south side of Colorado Ave. 1/2 block east of Naggie’s (old Bicycle Outfitters used to be).


ALSO, CrossFit Venture is hosting a B4B Fundraiser this Sunday, 10/28.  My WOD partner and I are in fo’ sho’.

It’s from 12:00pm until 5:00pm. We can rally at CFJ to caravan/carpool around 9:30am or if you’d like to fly solo, their address is:

101 Fawcett Road Suite #155 (Traer Creek Plaza, across from Walmart), Vail.

A little bit from them:
Join us for an incredibly fun workout, Paleo Potluck, and great music from DJ Omar of Soundforce Productions!

Two Girls in One Day!

This is a TWO-PERSON team workout with one person working at a time, except for the 400m runs, which must be performed together.

REGISTRATION for anyone who wants to compete will be 11:00-12:00 Sunday morning. This is going to be a pretty ‘laid back’ event, so you can decide to compete that day…BUT it would be helpful if know ahead of time that you going to compete – please give us a heads up!

HELEN consists of THREE rounds of:
400 meter run (both partners run together), 21 kettlebell swings (Rx 53/35#) and 12 pull-ups.

Partners can tag-team in and out of the kettlebell swings and/or pull-ups as needed.

Once all three rounds of HELEN are complete, the team immediately moves on to perform GRACE which consists of:

30 clean and jerks (Rx 135/95#) as fast as possible, partitioned anyhow between the two team members.

Score is total time for the team to complete both workouts!

Find a partner today! If you’re interested, but don’t have a partner yet, lemme know and we’ll get ya’ teamed up!!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 23, 2012”

  1. SWOD- 3×10@225 Hips,T’S, and Psoas Not feeling like heavy shit today after the Cleans, Jerks, and Sprints.
    D-WOD 11:20 Comp RX’D.

  2. Good morning workout today. First time trying KB Snatch and I liked it once I figured it out.
    D-WOD 13:41 MOD 35#

  3. S-WOD: 225×5, 275×3, 315×3 (Not back to rx’d loads but the heaviest I have gone since my hip injury).

    D-WOD: 13:45 Comp Rx’d

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