Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today we will have Jessica from PepsiCo handing out free samples of their new Propel electrolyte drink. She will be around from 11a-7pm. Be sure to get your booty in the gym and try some!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
400 meter run
5 Deadlifts

Yep, you choose the load on the DL’s. Don’t go too light, you’ll spend all of your time running. Don’t go too heavy and have to take it 1 rep at a time, your form will suffer. Find that perfect balance.

Thom working on some true push-ups.


All of our coaches will be out of town this weekend. Sorry! Modified class schedule is as follows:

Friday, August 26 – 6am and 8am ONLY

Saturday, August 27 – Gym closed

Monday, August 29 – 3:45pm Kids class, 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes ONLY

Have you signed up for the 31Heroes WOD yet?


CrossFit is one of the truest tests of personal integrity in action.

Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

  • There are really only 2 types of Athletes when it comes to Integrity; those who have it and those who don’t. Yes, I believe that you fit in to 1 of 2 categories… But remember, you can always change…The first step is admitting you have a problem.
  • There will be CrossFitters who cut corners, go through the motions, and are okay with not fully completing a task.  There will be those that might lie just a little and only some of the time. Big cheating, small cheating, big lies, little lies, cutting some corners or just one, missing a lot of reps or a few reps…IT IS ALL THE SAME.
  • This topic has been discussed lots of times throughout the CrossFit Community and people often say ‘who really cares, because that person is just cheating themselves and their results’.  But maybe, just maybe, this article will help some individuals recognize what type of athlete they are, and the type of athlete they want to become.
  • When I am watching athletes or coaching it is VERY easy to tell what type of person I would want to surround myself with, who I would trust, and which athlete I would want on my team. What type of athlete are you? Are you okay with it?

Type I Athletes: Fully commit to whatever the WOD is for them for that day, whether it is on-ramp, rx’d, rx’d+, foundations or a warm-up.

Type II “Athletes”: Complain about a movement or 2 in a WOD, try to modify the on-ramp or tone-up/tone-down their WOD & quickly identify movements that ‘suck’.

Type I Athletes: Complete an extra couple of double-unders, pull-ups or wall balls when they have lost count or think they may have missed a couple of full reps.

Type II “Athletes”: Think that when they mess up at 48 double unders, it is ‘good enough’& move to the next exercise before finishing the last 2 reps, or are okay with not getting their chin over the bar on the final hard rep.

Type I Athletes: Work up to the buzzer, even if it means they will only get 20 meters of the next 200 m run because there is only 10 seconds left.

Type II “Athletes”: Finish the round they are currently on and lay down with a little time remaining on the clock.

Type I Athletes: Never ever would consider lying, not even 1 single rep when the coach asks “how many did you get” before writing the score on the whiteboard.

Type II “Athletes”: Justify lying that they got an extra rep, an extra round or lifted a few more pounds because they think “they could have, or should have” or don’t want to look bad.

Type I Athletes: Ask their coach to closely judge them, give them pointers and makes necessary adjustments when given a ‘no rep’ call for not getting full depth on a squat.

Type II “Athletes”: Roll their eyes at a coach for correctly judging them, scoring them, or giving pointers on how to get full reps. They try to ignore the coach, hide from the view of a coach and continue to ‘sneak’ through bad reps.

  • Okay, okay, you get the point. It is easy to cheat… we all get tired. Someone is beating you, the class is waiting for you to finish, you are sick of doing burpees, your elbows got close enough to full extension, or you forgot what number you were on.
  • THE LIST GOES ON & ON PEOPLE. It is plain and simple it takes a great deal of INTEGRITY to be a Type I Athlete, the reward is also plain & simple…deeply fulfilling, gratifying, humbling & satisfying.  Not to mention the physical reward of becoming a faster, stronger, more dominating badass.

My Own Personal Promise of Integrity: I remember in 2005, when I did my first CrossFit WOD on my own with no one watching. I felt like I was going to die and I remember very distinctly how easy it would have been to cheat, stop or do a few less box jumps.  Right then and there, I had my first ‘ah ha’ moment about this sport. It was always going to be easy to cut the corners. I said a personal promise to myself right then & there, upon that realization.

“I will never cheat reps, cut corners or finish early…no matter how bad I may want to, I deserve better than that”. Commit today to your coach, your workout buddies, your box and yourself. Those of you who are already Type I Athletes…keep rocking on.

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  1. I dont know about everyone else, and maybe Im blind, but I am proud to say that we have a gym full of members that are humble enough to revel in the successes of others before their own, hence not inflate their own successes. I believe we all excel because of the pride that exists when we walk through those doors. I dont mean pride from the standpoint that we are better, but pride from being part of a whole that pushes us further than we could go on our own.

    “We cant change the reality of our successes by SAYING we are better!”

  2. When did Socrates or Plato join the gym? Are you sure you didn’t go to C.U.? We’ll get this guy to Vegas and get his mind right again; have no worries gym members, it’s taken care of.

    Wait……..just realized what happened, his girlfirend is in town and was looking over his shoulder as he was typing.

  3. Well said Jeremy. I agree with your views & statement. Wish I was verbal gifted. Haha. We all all know Chad has a way with words. Look forward to stepping up in the next 6 weeks & seeing how far I can push this body. Nice to know we do have a Great support staff, along with awesome members.

  4. I guess I better just use my full name. Im still laughing. So does this mean I get to go to Vegas?

  5. Ooooops! I thought that was way too intellectual for Jeremy. Got my J.C. and my J.T. mixed up. It takes on a whole new meaning now; John is right. We create alot of synergy at the gym, as a whole making each one of us stronger and more fit than we would ever get individually!

    On side note, John you’ve really elevated your game and physique over the last few months!

  6. slow down boys with all the ass grabbing! ;_0 … in my defense, the blind lead the stray & I blame Chad.. why not! In my defense Jeremy goes by Tomas as well, so it made some sense. I did think that was a little deep for him not that hes uncap-able of it.

    John, you have been lifting the bar (metaphor) well done! don’t pull away to far where I cant use the I’m 40 card bro.. :-) hahhaa

  7. I do know about everyone else, and I’m not blind, but I am proud to say that we have a gym full of members who like to look good naked.

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