Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CrossFit Junction is so excited to announce that we have partnered with Sweat Angels.  This organization works with various non-profits like Barbells for Boobs, Ogar Strong, and Meals for Vets.  The best part is that it is easy to get involved!! All you have to do is Check- in on Facebook every time you go get your WOD on! It’s that easy.  Every member check- in at CrossFit Junction will generate a donation to a Sweat Angel non-profit partner.

Look what CFJ did in July…..

CFJ Check-insIcon-checkins 95   Icon-nochange
CFJ Member Check-Ins DonatedIcon-goods 47  Meals
Together, with other Sweat Angels Affiliates we DonatedIcon-channelgoods 17,766  Meals 

This is an incredible program so next time you come to get your sweat on check-in on Facebook! For more information check out