Monday, January 28, 2013

Some of you may have noticed a very empty looking kids area.  During a recent cleaning we noticed an alarming number of broken toys.  These toys were donated from various families and have survived several years of wear and tear by normal use.  We have only been in our new play area for 3 weeks and a very good portion of these toys are now broken.  Because of the number of broken toys we can only conclude that these toys are being willfully broken.  As a result all unbroken toys have been removed from the play area.  We value our members and we absolutely love our CFJ families but the toys will only be returned should our kids (including coaches kids) prove that they will not continue to destroy the gyms property.   In the meantime please feel free to bring an activity for your child to do, as, for safety, they will still be expected to remain in the kids area during adult classes.