Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hey guys! As we are fully into a new year now we wanted to share a new program with you guys! Starting next Monday, January 11th we will be launching a Foundations program.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 6:30pm we will be offering classes that are designed to help with the understanding and the practice of CrossFit movements.  This will be the class that new CrossFitters will attend but we also encourage any current members to jump into classes should they feel like they need additional instruction on some of the movements.  There will be 6 classes that will rotate, with classes repeating every two weeks.  Each class will focus on different foundational movements.  This will be a great way for new and current members to have more in-depth instruction on some movements that are more difficult to teach in a larger group setting.  This class WILL NOT replace the regular 6:30pm class.  The Foundations Class will be taught in the OLY room.  This will also be a great class to invite your friends and family too as it will be smaller than our normal classes.  These classes are included in our CFJ unlimited membership but for non-members wanting to do the 6-session cycle the cost is$60. If you have any questions please let Cody, Amber, or Matt know.