Wednesday, July 18, 2012

8 rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
10 Deadlifts (185#/135#)
10 Burpees

The athletes competing at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games are the top dogs in the world at what we do. That being said, here you see the last competitor to finish on the chipper (last workout on Saturday night) and every other athlete she is competing directly against is surrounding her, cheering her on. That is f-in cool. You just don’t find that type of camaraderie very often. We have a very special thing within these walls of our CrossFit “box”. Thanks to each of you at CFJ for being the type of athlete that would totally cheer on your fellow CrossFitter.

♦♦ We have the 31Heroes fundraiser right around the corner! The 31Heroes Project exists to honor our fallen heroes killed in action August 6, 2011 through fitness and raise funds for programs that provide support to families of all fallen military heroes—past, present, and future.

All funds raised in 2012 will be split three ways going to the following organizations: Snowball Express, the Travis Manion Foundation‘s Challenge Grants program, and the memorial funds of each of the men killed in action August 6, 2011. Please check out the websites of these great organizations for more information about what amazing things they are doing in the lives of surviving military families!

We are hosting this event at CFJ on Saturday, Aug. 4 @ 10am. Please register HERE by this Friday to ensure that you will receive your t-shirt prior to the event. Thanks for your support!!

Kolt….. this has your name written all over it! Weren’t we just talking about how this type of event would be awesome?!

Thom and Faith's going away party!

Lastly, our going away party for Coach Thom will be at CFJ this Friday at 6:30pm. Please bring a meaty Paleo dish to share. Your spouses and kids are invited! We will keep it pretty chill. Thom’s parents have graciously extended the invite to their house for a going away bash at their house the very next day, Saturday, July 21. You probably don’t wanna miss that. You can swim, fish, play horseshoes. Sounds like a resort, I know. It’s a damn cool place for sure. They’ve opened their doors to you maniacs from 2pm-10pm. They live in Whitewater, 4208 Kannah Creek. It’s BYOB and you can bring a snack/dish to add if you’d like. RSVP to Thom or Amy for that one please!

♦♦ A Whole30 challenge is coming your way (30 days of eating c-l-e-a-n). Fun details to follow……

♦♦ Mark your calendar today – you don’t wanna miss this fun event!! UMTFC!!

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