Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rest Day. Make up a workout that you missed from the previous 3-day cycle.

In case you missed my addition to yesterday’s post about the Nutrition Challenge, here it is again:

Whole30 Nutrition Challenge? What’s that? How do you sign up?

You’ll see the fish bowl at the gym. Write your name and best mode of contact (e-mail/text/FB, etc..) on a slip, drop it in the bowl with your $10. Done. Next week you will be contacted by your team coach and the fun begins. Each team member will start with 5 points. If you have a cheat meal, intentionally or not, you drop down to 4 pts. Another one? 3 pts. You will bottom out at 1 point. If you bottom out during a 30 day challenge, you were not trying very hard, fyi….. Your points count toward your team total and remember, everything is a competition…..

The “before” benchmark workout will be next Monday, July 30 (Day 1 of Whole30 Challenge, Last day to sign up). It will be the WOD for the gym. It will be repeated at the end of 30 days.

To win the individual challenge (which includes the fishbowl $$)….. You must end with the 5 points you started with. You must complete the before/after benchmark workout. More on that later on….

Scroll down to yesterday’s post for the rules of the Whole30 and for links to some of my favorite recipe sites.

Any questions??